Zionist lobby in west paving way for third world war

Zionist lobby in west paving way for third world war

LAHORE: Ameer, Jamaat e Islami, Pakistan, Sirajul Haq, has said that the Zionist lobby in the west was paving way for the third world war.

Addressing a press conference at Timargarah on Monday, he said that the west had been providing protection and security to the blasphemers of the Holy Prophet (SAW) that had further emboldened the crooks involved in the evil practice.

He said that safeguarding the dignity of the Noble Prophet (SAW) was an issue of life and death for the believers.

Sirajul Haq termed the silence of the government on the issue as a crime which also reflected cowardice, and added that the attitude of the rulers was compelling the masses to come of roads to express their sentiments on the matter that was most sensitive.

He said that Europe’s patronage of the blasphemers of the Holy Prophet (SAW) was a matter of shame for the Muslim rulers.

Sirajul Haq said that the JI would hold “Shan e Mustafa” rally in Islamabad on January 23 to draw the world attention towards the repeated incidents of blasphemy by the west. The rallies in Lahore and Karachi would be held on Sunday, January 25.

He said that the dignity of the Holy Prophet was a part of the faith for every Muslim and this was not an issue of any party or group. Therefore, the general public should join the rallies to express their love for the Noble Prophet(Saw).

The JI chief called upon the government to announce public holiday on January 23, to enable the people to join the rallies. He also demanded of the Prime Minister to strive for an emergency OIC conference to raise the issue.

Continuing, Sirajul Haq said that the 21st amendment introduced by the government had linked religion with terrorism which had been the US and its allies.

He said that religion had nothing to do with terrorism and the 21st amendment was not acceptable to the religious parties. Therefore, he said, the government should move the 22nd amendment in the parliament in order to remove the reservations of the religious parties on this score.

In reply to a question, the JI chief disapproved the idea of allowing the teachers in the education campuses to keep arms and said this would create unnecessary harassment and would adversely affect the atmosphere there. (Online)

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