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Date: 23 Apr 2015

Hameed Shaheen

ISLAMABAD – Stressing the role of the faith leaders across the globe the United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has urged on them, gathered in the General Assembly, to stand up for the collective good and amplify their voices in support of moderation and mutual understanding, warning

Date: 21 Apr 2015

Hameed Shaheen

ISLAMABAD - UN Secretary General Mr Ban Ki-moon on Tuesday warned that 'prospects of a two-State solution in the Middle East are getting dimmer with potentially explosive consequences for the entire region' and urged the international community to boost efforts at bringing both Israeli and Palestinian delegations back to the negotiating table.

Date: 18 Apr 2015

Hameen Shaheen

ISLAMABAD – Visibly moved by the deteriorating plight of the inmates of the Yarmouk camp including its large segment of children the UNRWA has launched an urgent appeal for $30m life-sustaining assistance to 18,000 civilians from besieged Yarmouk refugee camp, including 3,500 children, says a UN report.

Date: 17 Apr 2015

Hameed Shaheen

ISLAMABAD – Drawing attention of all the groups involved in ongoing Yemen fighting the Secretary General of the United Nations Mr Ban Ki-moon has urged all elements to cease fire saying 'hundreds have been killed while deliveries of humanitarian supplies were being blocked.'

Date: 16 Apr 2015

Hameed Shaheen

ISLAMABAD – Human tragedies are going on across the globe unabated. Conflicts drive out millions from their ancestral homes and hearths in a twinkle of an eye; Kashmir, Palestine, other Middle Eastern trouble spots, and now the Ukrainian crisis setting a toll on a major chunk of population standing uprooted.

Date: 15 Apr 2015

Hameed Shaheen

ISLAMABAD – At the midst of bloodiest phase of the ongoing Yemen crisis, the United Nations has intervened when on Tuesday it urged upon all parties in the conflict to return to the UN-backed peace talks.

Date: 13 Apr 2015

-Dr. Abdul Ruff Colachal

1. Weapons of mass destruction (WMD)

Nuclear weapons are the deadliest tool developed by nuclear powers to end human race and destroy all living beings on earth, do not target only select person in a crowd but annihilated masses in one go and hence they are known as weapons of mass

Date: 9 Apr 2015

New York—Pakistan has voiced concern over the policies of certain countries that have contributed to instability and military imbalances in South Asia. Speaking in the opening session of the UN’s Disarmament Commission, Pakistan’s Permanent Representative, Maleeha Lodhi, said that “waivers and exemptions to long-held non-proliferation principles”, were contributing to insecurity in certain regions – especially South Asia.

Date: 7 Apr 2015

Hameed Shaheen

ISLAMABAD - The Secretary General of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), Iyad Ameen Madani received on Tuesday at the OIC residence in Jeddah, the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Ilham Aliyev, and his accompanying delegation. The Secretary General held a formal luncheon ceremony for the President with the attendance of high OIC officials,

Date: 7 Apr 2015

-Dr. Abdul Ruff

Palestine issue cannot be resolved by the bogus talks being offered by Israel that seeks to prolong the illegal occupation of Palatine territories through its strategic partner USA that so far only pretends to be the honest brokers for the cause of Mideast peace,

Date: 4 Apr 2015

Ankara—As part of his consultations with the brotherly countries on the evolving situation in the region, particularly Yemen, Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif paid a day-long visit to Turkey. During his stay in Ankara, the Prime Minister had in-depth consultations with Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu and President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Date: 2 Apr 2015

6500 foreigners fighting in Yemen, Libya, Pakistan and Somalia

UNITED NATIONS: More than 25,000 foreign fighters from some 100 countries are linked to al Qaeda and ISIS, United Nations experts reported to the U.N. Security Council. Along with some 22,000 foreign fighters in Syria and Iraq, there were also 6,500 in Afghanistan and hundreds more in Yemen, Libya, Pakistan and Somalia.

Date: 29 Mar 2015

-Dr. Abdul Ruff

Notwithstanding opposition from some quarters, the nuclear deal between Iran and US led big powers is on its way, with some modalities remaining to be decided. One issue is US refusal to end sanctions and Iran’s refusal to compromise on sanctions as Tehran wants the sanctions dropped forthwith while the opposite side of big powers prefers a gradual approach.

Date: 28 Mar 2015

NEW YORK: Permanent Representative of Pakistan to the United Nations Dr Maleeha Lodhi said on Saturday the conspiracy to discredit Islam in the Middle East was a cause of concern.

Dr Lodhi emphasised that the security and sovereignty of all countries should be respected. She added that Islam teaches love, brotherhood, tolerance and humanity.

Date: 23 Mar 2015

The worst case scenario can be avoided by moving power-sharing from paper to reality.​

London (PR): Once hailed by international diplomats as a model for the region, for months now Yemen has appeared to be bursting apart at the seams. As the conflict between the Houthis, who control Sanaa, and the country’s transitional president, Abdo Rabbu Mansour Hadi, who has set up an alternative capital in Aden

Date: 23 Mar 2015

Kabul—Even by Afghanistan’s standards of often-shifting alliances, a recent meeting between ethnic Hazara elders and local commanders of the Taliban insurgents who have persecuted them for years was extraordinary.

Date: 22 Mar 2015

Tough talk from Russia as it threatens to use nuclear weapons against Denmark. Moscow has warned that if Denmark joins NATO's missile defence shield, the Danish navy will be a fair target for a nuclear attack.

Date: 21 Mar 2015

-Dr. Abdul Ruff

All efforts by Washington to make friends with South American or Latin American nations, things have not yielded results so far but relations between two Americas remained tensed for years now.

Date: 18 Mar 2015

-Dr. Abdul Ruff

One should know no real democrat would be allowed by the Israeli president, who advances the Zionist ideals, to rule essentially racist and anti-democratic, fanatic Israel.

Date: 9 Mar 2015

Clemente Ferrer

Jill Abramson, former director of the prestigious The New York Times said that "when I was elected, it was because of my ability to tell stories in depth". She explained it in a lecture on the importance of narrative given in the Rafael del Pino Foundation

Date: 5 Mar 2015

Date: 03/03/2015 -

Mr. President, Mr. High Commissioner,
Excellencies, Head of Delegations,
Ladies and Gentlemen,

At the outset, I would like to congratulate you Mr. President, on your presidency for the year 2015. OIC will extend its full support in the discharge of your onerous responsibilities.

Date: 5 Mar 2015

The US ambassador to South Korea has been attacked by a knife-wielding man shouting anti-war slogans during a public event at an arts centre in Seoul.

Aljazeera Online

The ambassador, Mark Lippert, was assaulted during a breakfast conference on Thursday as he was preparing

Date: 26 Feb 2015

KARACHI: Former President Pervez Musharraf has said that Kabul must share power with the extremist group and block Indian influence if it wishes to see peace.

The former military ruler told The Wall Street Journal in an interview this week that Afghan President Ashraf Ghani ’s September inauguration presents a new

Date: 17 Feb 2015

-Dr. Abdul Ruff

In recent times, especially since the so-called Arab Spring, Russia and Arab nations have sealed agreements of deals in arms and technology, including nuclear reactors, and Russia, hard pressed by western sanctions

Date: 15 Feb 2015

-Dr. Abdul Ruff

Following the ceasefire agreement by four powers, Ukrainian president Petro Poroshenko has been persisting on implementing the truce so that peace and normalcy returns to his country.

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