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Date: 11 Sep 2015

-Dr. Abdul Ruff

The United Nations has overwhelmingly voted in favour of raising a flag of Palestine at its headquarters in New York City in a symbolic move highlighting Palestinian aspirations for statehood.

Date: 10 Sep 2015

-Dr. Abdul Ruff

Obviously, there is a broad light not just in the Mideast tunnels, but also in the corridors of UN General Assembly building with UN itself getting ready to greet the Palestinians, longing for freedom and sovereignty from the occupation forces of Israel, with their official flag unfurled at the UN to decorate the global forum.

Date: 8 Sep 2015

-Dr. Abdul Ruff

Republican-backed US President Barack Obama has secured 41 US Senate votes, enough support in the US Senate, enough to block the Senate from passing a Republican-backed resolution to disapprove the deal and to ensure that the Iran nuclear deal

Date: 6 Sep 2015

Islamabad: Pakistan has strongly condemned the terrorist attack and killing of sixty soldiers of the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain in Yemen.

The Adviser to the Prime Minister on National Security and Foreign Affairs, Sartaj Aziz, on behalf of the people and the Government of Pakistan conveyed his condolences to the bereaved families.

Date: 11 Aug 2015

-Dr. Abdul Ruff

Reports in local media outlets suggest that the Russian Navy Moscow has dispatched two Russian warships - Volgodonsk and Makhachkala—to the Anzali port in northern Iran.

Date: 6 Aug 2015

-Dr. Abdul Ruff

Apparently the so-called “shared values” Americans are boasting of being the base of their philosophy certainly include external coercive politics, thereby they use coercive tactics to get what USA wants especially from neutral nations or those countries that pursue independent foreign policy

Date: 6 Aug 2015

Washington: General John F. Campbell, U.S. Forces commander in Afghanistan, has said that at least 4,000 Afghan security force members are deserting their posts every month.

Date: 6 Aug 2015


WASHINGTON: Mullah Omar’s death has complicated efforts for reconciliation between Taliban and the Afghan government, a senior US official said on Thursday.

Date: 3 Aug 2015

New Delhi: India and Israel are likely to test fire this month the long-range surface-to-air Barak 8 missile, jointly developed by the two countries, which can act as a potent shield against incoming missiles, aircraft and drones, Times of India disclosed on Sunday.

Date: 1 Aug 2015

Washington: The son of the Taliban’s supreme leader recently gathered a small group of commanders in a madrassa outside Quetta, Pakistan, and made an astonishing revelation: His father Mullah Mohammad Omar was dead, three people familiar with the episode said.

Date: 20 Jul 2015

Clemente Ferrer

Charity is a visible sign of our condition as Christians. Jesus Christ made that mutual love was the distinguishing mark of Christians. This sign of love of neighbor, which is expressed in words, gestures, works of service and charity, sharing time and money is an expression of faith in God and in many cases, leads to faith in God.

Date: 15 Jul 2015

New Delhi: The All India Muslim Majlis-e Mushawarat, the umbrella body of Indian Muslim organisations and eminent personalities, welcomed the long-awaited nuclear deal of Iran with a number of major powers headed by the US.

Date: 11 Jul 2015


WASHINGTON: The United States still has three key interests in Pakistan, averting Al Qaeda’s re-emergence, preventing the proliferation of nuclear weapons and promoting regional stability, says the next chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Date: 1 Jul 2015

-Dr. Abdul Ruff

Behind all nice “value” smiles and “hearty” talks about democracy and its place in any civilized society, Americans, generally speaking, are also racial by nature and instinct. The regular incidents of attacks on blacks in United States reveal American brand racism even under a Black president which demolishes their claim of being the most civilized people on earth

Date: 28 Jun 2015

-Dr. Abdul Ruff

Talks between Iran and major powers on finalizing a historic nuclear deal will go beyond the June 30 deadline. Five world powers and Iran are taking part in the talks. Both USA and Iran have declared the talks are on and will be extended further to obtain results.

Date: 21 Jun 2015

KUNDUZ: Taliban insurgents advancing on the capital of a northern Afghan province have captured a key adjoining district, officials said Sunday, sparking renewed alarm among residents who fear the fall of the besieged city.

Date: 16 Jun 2015

-Dr. Abdul Ruff

As American politicians are busy charting their strategies to face the 2016 election to presidency, the ruling Democratic Party in USA is eager to retain power after the poll under the tested corporatist and Zionist lobbyist Hillary Clinton, while the

Date: 9 Jun 2015

Hameed Shaheen

ISLAMABAD - The food and health situation in embattled Yemen has gone worst with 80 per cent population needing urgent humanitarian assistance. UN humanitarian agencies - WHO and UNICEF - estimate that some 20 million Yemenis are suffering basic life

Date: 5 Jun 2015

Hameed Shaheen

ISLAMABAD - The internal insurgency-hit Libya seems moving now gradually towards some relief time. The United Nations Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL) announced Friday that the next round of Libyan political dialogue sessions in Skhirat, Morocco, will commence

Date: 4 Jun 2015

-Dr. Abdul Ruff

The goal of any climate talk is a deal that will save Earth's climate from potentially catastrophic damage by heat-trapping fossil-fuel gases. UN climate talks resumed in Bonn, Germany on 01 June, tasked with sculpting a

Date: 2 Jun 2015

Hameed Shaheen

ISLAMABAD - The vital organ of the United Nations - UNICEF has released cost-wise details of child abuse and violence in the East Asian and the Pacific countries amounting around $209 billion a year.

Date: 31 May 2015

UNITED NATIONS: In a solemn ceremony held at the United Nations today, five Pakistani peacekeepers who had embraced shahadat for the cause of world peace during the last year, were posthumously awarded the Dag Hammarskjold Medal by the United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon.

Date: 30 May 2015

By Mark Thompson


After nearly a year of air strikes led by the U.S. and ground attacks by the U.S.-trained Iraqi army, the Islamic State of Iraq and Greater Syria (ISIS) is proving to be a far more

Date: 29 May 2015

Hameed Shaheen

ISLAMABAD - The United Nations has desperately warned that situation in Syria has gone 'extremely grave and deteriorating by the day', the conflict has gone 'intractable'. The warning came Friday during a briefing to the 15-member UN Security Council on Syria

Date: 25 May 2015

Hameed Shaheen

ISLAMABAD - Kuwait is to host the OIC’s 42nd session of the council of Foreign Ministers (CFM), entitled Joint Vision to Strengthen Tolerance and Reject Terrorism, on Wednesday and Thursday (May 27-28, 2015).

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