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Date: 4 Jun 2015

-Dr. Abdul Ruff

The goal of any climate talk is a deal that will save Earth's climate from potentially catastrophic damage by heat-trapping fossil-fuel gases. UN climate talks resumed in Bonn, Germany on 01 June, tasked with sculpting a

Date: 2 Jun 2015

Hameed Shaheen

ISLAMABAD - The vital organ of the United Nations - UNICEF has released cost-wise details of child abuse and violence in the East Asian and the Pacific countries amounting around $209 billion a year.

Date: 31 May 2015

UNITED NATIONS: In a solemn ceremony held at the United Nations today, five Pakistani peacekeepers who had embraced shahadat for the cause of world peace during the last year, were posthumously awarded the Dag Hammarskjold Medal by the United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon.

Date: 30 May 2015

By Mark Thompson


After nearly a year of air strikes led by the U.S. and ground attacks by the U.S.-trained Iraqi army, the Islamic State of Iraq and Greater Syria (ISIS) is proving to be a far more

Date: 29 May 2015

Hameed Shaheen

ISLAMABAD - The United Nations has desperately warned that situation in Syria has gone 'extremely grave and deteriorating by the day', the conflict has gone 'intractable'. The warning came Friday during a briefing to the 15-member UN Security Council on Syria

Date: 25 May 2015

Hameed Shaheen

ISLAMABAD - Kuwait is to host the OIC’s 42nd session of the council of Foreign Ministers (CFM), entitled Joint Vision to Strengthen Tolerance and Reject Terrorism, on Wednesday and Thursday (May 27-28, 2015).

Date: 22 May 2015

ISLAMABAD - In relation to world-wide negligence being suffered by the children the United Nations Special Envoy on Education Mr Gordon Brown has described the current year 2015 the worst year since 1945.

Date: 21 May 2015

-Dr. Abdul Ruff

Part II

Israeli leaders seem to take revenge on the poor Palestinians whose lands they stole to make an Israeli state, for all the atrocities that were committed by European rulers.

Date: 21 May 2015

-Dr. Abdul Ruff

Part I

To begin with a positive note on current status of Palestine, troubled by Israel, USA and Egypt directly, one can say Palestinians are on the verge of obtaining full statehood of much delayed Palestine state legally through the UN sooner or later, with or without Israeli support. .If USA and Israeli twins

Date: 21 May 2015


LinkedIn, a leading platform for small businesses, will host grant recipients and share insights and expertise

Date: 20 May 2015

Hameed Shaheen

ISLAMABAD – It is for the first time that the United Nations, taking all regional pros and cons, has termed Middle East as dangerous ridden with terror and extremism amid deadlocked peace bids.

Date: 19 May 2015

Hameed Shaheen

DOHA: The Third International Forum for Humanitarian Work began in Doha on Tuesday amid warnings from the OIC that the humanitarian situation in several Muslim countries is worsening and that growing numbers of

Date: 15 May 2015

Hameed Shaheen

ISLAMABAD - Alarmed over reports that thousands of migrants are stranded deep in the sea on smugglers' boats the UN Secretary General has send an SOS to countries surrounding Andaman sea and Straits of Malacca to keep their borders and ports open. The migrants mostly belong to Myanmar and Bangladesh.

Date: 14 May 2015

-Dr. Abdul Ruff

US president Obama is hosting the six-nation Gulf Cooperation Council at the White House and then at Camp David. King Salman decided abruptly to skip the White

Date: 13 May 2015

Hameed Shaheen

ISLAMABAD – Responding to international concerns for growing number of civilians deaths in Yemen the United Nations has welcomed the commencement of truce there allowing time space for delivery of “lifesaving” relief and aid to the country's civilian populations.

Date: 13 May 2015

Situation in Libya, pursuant to UNSCR 1970 (2011)

Ninth report of the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court to the UN Security Council pursuant to UNSCR 1970 (2011)

Madame President, Your Excellencies:

Date: 12 May 2015

Hameed Shaheen

ISLAMABAD - At a very crucial time in the history of internally-strife torn Libya the most promising commitment came Tuesday in Washington from six powers - France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Great Britain and the United States of America reaffirming their strong

Date: 11 May 2015

Hameed Shaheen

ISLAMABAD - The United States and Russia are set to 'discuss full range of bilateral and regional issues, including Iran, Syria and Ukraine today, Tuesday, in Moscow. Secretary of State John Kerry will meet with President Putin, Foreign Minister

Date: 10 May 2015

Hameed Shaheen

ISLAMABAD - The UNICEF, an organ of United Nations, has warned that children in Yemen are at risk of dying from hunger and lack of health services than from bombs and bullets.

Date: 9 May 2015

Hameed Shaheen

ISLAMABAD - The United Nations has once again warned that the human crossings/traffickings via Bay of Bengal to neighboring Thailand and further to Malaysia have reached an alarming level. The Bengal Bay is considered most dangerous sea route in the world.

Date: 8 May 2015

Hameed Shaheen

ISLAMABAD – The 70th anniversary of end of the second world war in Europe was observed Friday with United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon calling the event 'tremendous shared sacrifice and the huge price of victory over fascism, paid by the millions of lost lives'.

Date: 6 May 2015

Hameed Shaheen

ISLAMABAD – Prompted by the rising agonies of the earthquake-suffering children in Nepal both the UNICEF and the EU have flown 80 metric tonnes of relief to Kathmandu to tackle the emergency requirements. About 1.7 million children affected by the April 25 earthquake in Nepal are being airlifted in to the capital,

Date: 5 May 2015

Al-Khor, Qatar—Representatives at preliminary talks aiming to end Afghanistan’s long war have agreed that Taliban insurgents should open a political office for negotiations, but disagreement over foreign troops still clouds the prospects for a ceasefire.

Date: 5 May 2015

Hameed Shaheen

ISLAMABAD - United States has reiterated that the procession of journalism is basic towards evolving good governance. This observation was made by the US Secretary of State Mr John Kerry in observing worldwide press freedom day in Washington.

Date: 5 May 2015

Hameed Shaheen

ISLAMABAD – For the first time the United Nations has formally warned of the dangerous of growing e-waste dumps, calling upon nations to 'limit the use of harmful chemicals and to find a solution to the masses of electronic waste' building up around the world. The caution came in a Conference of Parties to three major Conventions on the subject beginning in Geneva today.

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