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Date: 9 Dec 2014

WASHINGTON: The United Nations and human rights groups called Tuesday for the criminal prosecution of US officials after a Senate report detailed a brutal CIA torture program.

But the Justice Department rejected pursuing charges against anyone involved in the interrogations, saying it had not found anything in the scathing, heavily detailed report that could lead to a successful conviction.

Date: 2 Dec 2014

Hameed Shaheen

ISLAMABAD - The Pope Francis has asserted that was wrong for anyone to react to terrorism by being "enraged" against Islam, says FB posting Tuesday.

Concluding his three-day visit to Turkey, Pope Francis has confirmed that Islam is a religion of peace, rejecting rants targeting Muslims over acts committed by a minority group.

Date: 1 Dec 2014

BAGHDAD: Iraq’s new government has discovered 50,000 “ghost soldiers” who received army salaries without showing up for work, a practice which accelerated the military’s collapse in the face of Islamic State fighters six months ago.

Date: 23 Nov 2014

Washington: American investigators intercepted a conversation this year in which a Pakistani official suggested that his government was receiving American secrets from a prominent former State Department diplomat, officials said, setting off an espionage

Date: 23 Nov 2014

Hameed Shaheen

JEDDAH - The General Assembly of the OIC Standing Committee on Economic and Commercial Cooperation (COMCEC) – one of the OIC organs – will hold its 30th session in Istanbul, Turkey from 25 – 28 November 2013. The session will be opened by the Chairman of COMCEC and President of the Republic of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdoghan, who will deliver the opening speech.

Date: 5 Nov 2014

by Koh Eng Beng

The Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) will offer to contribute military assets in the global fight against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS). Minister for Defence Dr Ng Eng Hen said this in Parliament on 3 Nov.

Date: 4 Nov 2014

Washington: The suspected Pakistan suicide bombing near India’s border Sunday is the latest example of the Taliban trying to expand their influence in South Asia, American regional experts Monday told Fox News National Security Analyst KT McFarland.

Date: 2 Nov 2014

LONDON - The United Nations has warned that 15,000 foreign jihadists from 80 countries have travelled to fight in Iraq and Syria, raising the number of foreign militants to an “unprecedented scale.”

Date: 31 Oct 2014


The rise of the Islamic State (IS) terror group which has been accompanied by its seizure of large chunks of territory in the Sunni provinces in Iraq has plunged the country into deep instability and redefined ethno-sectarian border lines.

Date: 21 Oct 2014

Hameed Shaheen

LONDON - A UNICEF report stuns the world by its latest catalogue on the child death by violence. After every five minutes a child dies in violence, the UNICEF report says.

Date: 18 Oct 2014

Hameed Shaheen

ISLAMABAD - In an unprecedented call to the world at large, a rare instance in the history of UN, the Security Council (SC) on Saturday urged the to "step up measures to defeat the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) after the terrorist group carried out a spate of brutal attacks in Baghdad

Date: 13 Oct 2014

Retriever: Hameed Shaheen

ANKARA — A Turkish official says there is no new agreement with the United States on using an air base in southern Turkey for operations against the Islamic State group.

Date: 4 Oct 2014

2m Muslims perform Hajj-i-Akbar, Enemies of Muslim nations spreading chaos, confusion, IS militants enemies of humanity

Mount Arafat: Mufti Azam of Saudi Arabia, Sheikh Abdul Aziz Bin Abdullah on Friday delivered Hajj sermon in Masjid-e-Nimra at Mount Arafat and said that murder is a great sin and ‘haram’ in Islam. He also urged the Muslims to shun evil, practice unity and teachings of Islam.

Date: 22 Sep 2014

Clemente Ferrer

The advertising industry is more alive than ever. This is demonstrated by the latest Consensus Ad Forecast 2014/15, published by Warc, whereby global ad spending would increase by 5.8% in 2014 and 5% in 2015, representing a slight improvement over the estimates made in January.

Date: 21 Sep 2014

Retriever: Hameed Shaheen

Saudi Arabia has reportedly deployed warplanes to Yemen in a bid to confront revolutionary Ansarullah forces, sources say.

Security sources said on Sunday that the deployment has been requested by Yemeni President Abdrabuh Mansur Hadi.

Date: 10 Sep 2014

Good evening,

I just addressed the nation about what the United States will do with our friends and allies to degrade and destroy the terrorist group known as ISIL.

Letīs be clear: While this group may call itself the "Islamic State," it is not "Islamic." No religion condones the killing of innocents,

Date: 9 Sep 2014

Hameed Shaheen

ISLAMABAD - Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is hosting an international conclave on how to mutually launch a brave initiative to eradicate the scourge of terrorism and extremism.

Date: 4 Sep 2014

Houston—Ambassador of Pakistan to the United States Jalil Abbas Jilani has said that Pakistan needs trade not aid with the US.

“We need market access to USA for our wonderful textile, surgical instruments, food, and other products.

Date: 29 Aug 2014

Hameed Shaheen

ISLAMABAD – OIC Secretary General Iyad Ameen Madani was received Friday by the President of Indonesia Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono in Bali, an Indonesian tourist resort. Madani is currently on an official visit to Indonesia, says an email message to Pakistan Observer here.

Date: 18 Aug 2014

Hameed Shaheen

ISLAMABAD: United Nations has described crises in the Middle East as "unprecedented" and "unravelling", stressing more regional cooperation for relief role in Syria with the help of Iran, says a UN mediate note on Monday.

Date: 17 Aug 2014

TEHRAN: The head of the UN atomic watchdog held talks in Iran on Sunday ahead of an August 25 deadline for Tehran to answer decade-old allegations of past nuclear weapons research.

Date: 11 Aug 2014

-Dr. Abdul Ruff

Criminal states or terrocracies that have committed crimes against humanity would always be suspicious, arrogant. Israel is a crude example.

Date: 9 Aug 2014

WASHINGTON: The U.S. military conducted an airstrike Friday afternoon against the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, or ISIS terrorists with two F/A-18 aircrafts dropping 500-pound laser guided bombs on a mobile artillery piece near Irbil, marking the beginning of a significant development in President Barack Obama's Iraq policy.

Date: 2 Aug 2014

Qatar-based IUMS considers it against Islam and demands their return to their homes

New Delhi: The Qatar-based International Union of Muslim Scholars, considered the most authoritative and respected association of Muslim scholars from across the world, has forcefully condemned the “Islamic State of Iraq & Syria” militia’s expulsion of Christians from some parts of Iraq.

Date: 31 Jul 2014

United Nations/Jerusalem: The UN Security Council on Monday called for an immediate humanitarian ceasefire in Gaza to allow for urgent aid to reach civilians as the conflict between Israel and Hamas entered its third week.

The 15-member Council released a statement shortly after midnight Sunday calling for the truce during the Muslim Eid festival marking the end of Ramadan.

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