When they say Islamic terrorism

When they say Islamic terrorism

By: Junaid Malik

History ever since the origin of mankind is inundated with chronicles of genocides where in human race has been perished in the name of religion or ethnicity but nowhere mentioned ,attributed ascribed these genocides or the acts of terror to a particular religion. History and its protagonists have been specifically unjust to a particular section with the misnomer of Islamic terrorism. This term in its essence definition and its propagation is itself derogatory, obnoxious and discriminatory both in subject and character. Though there is no denying fact that any act of fear intimidation which is prejudicial to the existence of human being without any rationale and reason is terrorism itself.

Islam which is both in concept and practice a way of life which preaches peace and peaceful co -existence with all devoid of any hatred jealousy and abhorrence with not only a fellow human being but to all the living creatures in this universe. A faith which forbids even the hunting of an animal just for hunting sake lest for eating purpose seldom propagates any cruelty to fellow human beings. The Islam preaches peace tolerance upholding the principal of mutual co-existance.but surely it pains torments and bruises us when few of our think tanks, scholars and cosmopolitans upheld the misnomer of Islamic terrorism in their revelations using an oxymoron which is derogatory and hurting to the millions of its believers. The pages of history are draped and soaked in such a pool of blood which words find chocked to explain their horror plasma in any explainable context but never did anyone attributed them to any faith of religion for none of the religion in universe can ever justify the human killings wit out any justified reason that too in the best interest of the human beings.

The greatest massacres in the world itself had been done by the ones who were at least not believers of Islam even in a literary context. Hitler the most cruel dictators of the world killed more than six million Jews in one go to wipe out the Jews from the globe itself. His execution and modus operandi was such that he was ambitious to perish the race of Jews from the world but till date has never been said as Christian terrorism. This genocide finally culminated in the Zionist movement to assemble the Jews in one place that finally was given the womb of Palestine, the sacred land which was itself as Muslim country. Their generosity has never been acclaimed by any world country which subsequently led to their extinction from their own home. The Palestine-Israel conflict does not need elaboration here. Millions of people are killed, women raped, prisoners taken to solitary confinements where they are treated as animals and sodomised.

Thousands of were children are killed in Palestine every year, their schools mosques homes hospitals are bulldozed; they are put under economic blockade squeezing their supply of essentials and medicines and what not. But nobody says Jewish terrorism .even when asked to Hitler as to why he was killing Jews; he gave a simple answer that led to his prediction that “once the world would realise as to what made me to go for this action “but never did this prediction found any mention in the dark pages of world history. Thanks to the largesse of USA, Great Britain and France which made the nefarious designs of Israel to see the ray of realisation of their gory dreams. Apart from these there are ubiquitous stories of naked dance of cruelty by these cannibals that of Africa Congo Australian aboriginals and so on. The champion of these is none other than USA itself which is after the civilisations like a mad wolf who has already destroyed Iraq Egypt Syria Lebanon Afghanistan USSR etc. but nowhere do they mention as Christian terrorism.

Taking a glimpse of just few incidents not to go far behind the chapters of history thousands of Muslims were killed in Gujarat in 2002, the holocaust of 1947 when demographic ratios were reversed particularly in Jammu and Kashmir, the massacre of muslins in Muzzaffar Nagar in up and mass exile of people there in 2014 and the new trend of lynching and burning is done by the Hindutva groups just for ones eating habits but nowhere in the world is depicted as Hindu terrorism. Terrorism in all forms irrespective of religion and faith is condemnable but equally is condemnable the discriminatory the derogatory and inflammatory depiction of terrorism as Islamic terrorism. Islam preaches peace and will do beyond the mortal limits of this universe. The foremost need of the hour is the mutual respect for each other’s faith and peaceful co-existence for an everlasting peace and religion of religions I.e. humanism

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