What USA needs to entrench itself in Asian Policy Pivot

What USA needs to entrench itself in Asian Policy Pivot

Hameed Shaheen

American President and high officials these days lay mountainous stress on Asia being their Policy Pivot. But rough boulders in the towards Himalaya are too big to overpower them all.

Unsolved Palestine, Kashmir and now Syria are burning hells; anyone thinking Asia policy pivotal won’t succeed like 1600 East India Company: That dream is childish Japanese toy. Today nations play with Chinese toys from Ras Kumari (India) to Uruguay , Latin America.

In the second President Barrack Obama seems quite exasperate ; he is considered administration man; BoB Woodwork’s book is enough to understand the interior of the President. By stepping to Asia will certainly weaken him; Asia is not a single mass-land; . here dug in mutually antagonistic powers: sea water disputes among China and Japan, China and Philippines, Thailand versus Beijing, Kashmir and Palestine drenched in sacred youth blood;

What I mean to explain is that for Americans the solutions of all those disputes would have to be resolved first. The state of sympathy remains for few hours, the state of enmity remains prolonged. This dilemma is operative everywhere. No other Asian country could be ‘discovered’ by Washington as Pakistan, walking along US steps despite hardest lessons of history.

I read a de-classified letter/minutes between President M Ayyub Khan of Pakistan and US President John F Kennedy. The impatience on the part of President in his talks with President released tears from my eyes. At that time I was Media Advisor to the AJK Premier (Sardar Attique Ahmed Khan) and I asked him to observe a Day – let us call it Kashmir and President Ayyub Khan so that our nation could reach true point of understanding.

Now it is golden opportunity for Americans to solve first Asian disputes via dialogue if they really want to succeed to plant their pole of \”Pivot\” in Asia. If these tangles are solved then the other international project of ancient Silk Route could also be made operative. This Route would yield immeasurable economic windfalls to Asia, Africa and Europe right from Kashmir. Thanks for letting me put new clothes to intellectual statues.

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