West Asia: Is Fatah-Hamas unity genuine?

-Dr. Abdul Ruff Colachal

When after fighting for over 10 y long years that made Israel happy and USA fully satisfied, the Fatah and Hamas in Palestine finally decided in early October – and before a proper unity agreement was signed in Cairo on 12 October, world felt the sigh of great relief that now on Palestinians would not kill each other as part of greater design of fascist Zionist regime in West Asia.

After over one month, now one suspects if the unity agreement between Fatah and Hamas in Palestine mediated by Egypt- a close ally of Israel has and put in place the Rafah error blockade to block the movements of Palestinians in Gaza Strip, as part of Zionist-Egyptian control of entire Palestine, not just the Gaza Strip- is genuine and can withstand the pressure tactics of USA-Israel terror twins in the region.

As their loud demand, USA and Israel want Hamas to be “disarmed” so that Fatah can destroy them. One of the key stumbling blocks for Palestinian unity, therefore, is the question of Hamas’ military wing; the Qassam Brigades which Fatah has asked the Hamas to dismantle. Fearing that Abbas could easily be coerced by Israel-US duo to completely weaken the Islamic movement, Hamas has objected to dismantling of its military wing until such time truly cooperation takes roots in PLO but also agreed that it will coordinate any military action with Abbas’ Fatah movement but rejected out of hand dismantling the Qassam Brigades.

Palestine could consider the Qassam Brigades as being a part of its defense infrastructure Why not? That will obviously allay the fears and mutual suspicions in Hamas camp of Fatah-Israel-US intentions. In fact, so fierce were disagreements that Egyptian mediators convinced both parties to postpone talks on the issue for later.
So fierce were disagreements that Egyptian mediators convinced both parties to postpone talks on the issue for later in order to reach the preliminary agreement.

Indeed, the signs for reconciliation so far don’t look great. Hamas has done most of the running, rounding up Salafi militants and building a buffer zone for Egypt, dismantling its administrative committee to hand over governance duties to the Ramallah-based government, which has also taken over charge of crossing into and out of Gaza, though Israel would continue to oversee everything in Palestine until a soverign Palestine state comes into existence. The day may not be far way for that.

But in return for all these important services, Hamas has so far received nothing. There has been no opening of crossings, the sine qua non of any agreement. And Abbas is still refusing to lift sanctions on Gaza that were imposed back in April and which plunged Gaza ever deeper into crisis.

Cooperation between Hamas and Fatah is absolutely necessary for the successful completion of formalities of UN full membership and launch of Palestine state as an independent nation. They should not let Satans (USA and Israel) interfere with heir state formation and change their lives.

Already Hamas has agreed to disband its own government elected by the Palestinians 10 years ago. After the election of the Hams as the ruling party, Israel and USA used Fatah to launch a civil war to oust the Hamas government and weak the movement. It is because of US-Israel-Fatah nexus that Hamas always created obstructions to the bogus peace talks conducted by Israel on US tricks.

Like Israel, USA is also looking for opportunities to see that the remaining Palestinians are killed and their lands confiscated for proliferation of illegal settlements inside Palestine.

Jews foolishly say God has promised them their land in Mideast. Did God speak to them directly or by phone? Did God give anything in writing about the Promised Land deal? Did god ask them to kill all Palestinians and confiscate their lands for illegal expansionist projects in Palestine? Possibly, some big frauds might have bluffed to their forefathers about the “promised land”.

Maybe some rich Jewish ruler had mischievously spread the rumors that God met ho and promised him a special Israeli land but now Jewish community itself is misguided to target Palestinians as revenge for the oppressive policies of Europe against Jews last centuries

How can the Jews kill the children of Palestine? Did God ask the Jews to drink the blood of children of Palestinians as a revenge for somebody else’s crimes or as medicine for devilish problems they suffer from?

The notorious UNSC has no answer!

Israelis are liars, frauds and criminals as Israel itself is a rogue state following the footsteps of top imperialist USA pursuing fascism in its worst form.

If Jews have got anything in writing from God on “Promised Lands”, they must quickly produce it at the UN, ICJ and ICC for verification. If proved, Palestinians would quit their lands for Israeli occupation and go to Arab world, Turkey, Pakistan, and other Muslim nations to live happily and in peace by productively contributing to the overall development of Islamic world, strengthening Islamic faith.

Hawkish Trump-Netanyahu duo badly wants to destabilize Iran so that Israel is “secure” and the monsters seek the assistance of Saudi Arabia for that. Saudi Arabia is also responding to the anti-civilization conspiracy of USA-Israeli fascists.

As such Palestinians, like the Myanmar Muslims, are historically the most persecuted humans without dignity without a proper nation as their nation is being jointly occupied by Israel, USA and UK.

Quite likely, Jews would then feel secure in those western “civilized” countries once again and they would not have to face the”existential threat” from the Palestinians. .

And, on the contrary, if Netanyahu the hawkish ruler of Israel does not possess any such documents signed by God to the effect of promising “Lands for Israel”, then, he must order the Israeli Jews return march past to Europe. Russia and USA from where the bulks of Jews had migrated to Palestine to occupy and make Israel as their home state of Jews.

The eventual departure of Isreali Jews from Palestine would mark the dawn of new era in West Asia as Palestinians would live real masters of their lands without fear of Zionist criminals. USA would stop meddling in the affairs of West Asia as if they care for democracy. .

Otherwise Israel must end its war on Palestine and Islam. Dirty American terror goods embolden the criminal Israelis to attack the defenseless Palestinians on regular basis in order to expand their illegal territories acquired by using US terror goods and misusing US veto.

Apparently, Hindutva and Zionism have hidden links on fake claims. Hindutva leaders say god Ram lived in Ayodhya. In fact, Ram is the chief protagonist and positive hero of a historic novel Ramayana that was imbibed by some Hindu leaders as the basis of their religion which is more open and more adaptable than any other religions of the world. But today, the politically greedy Hindus seeking to outsmart the Congress party has converted the humane religion into a political weapon targeting Islam, Muslims, Mosques, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Kashmir etc to grab power in Hindu majority India. They have made inroads in areas where Congress thrived thanks to solid Muslim votes.
India buys terror goods even from Israel as if its own production of them is not enough and all the arms being bought, though UN and directly, from regional markets are not sufficient to attack the defenseless Kashmiris who fight for their sovereignty from Indian military yoke. .

Indian nationalism is not Hindutva which an ugly version of Hinduism but secularism and democracy- both are alien to Hindutva ideology meant o garner Hindu votes. Similar politics is being conducted in Israel where Islam is treated as a terrorist religion and Palestinians are targeted for their blood and lands so that Jews are happy while the hawkish Jewish leaders continue to misrule the essentially anti-Islamic nation-a close ally of USA.

Israel is eagerly seeking to attack Iran and wants Saudi Arabia to initiate the step of launch of missiles targeting Iran so that it could do the “needful” to wind up the West Asia of Muslim nations with military backing of Zionist America now controlled by a Jewish son in law of an arrogant and erratic US President Donald Trump who, after the tacit support of Obama for Iran, has sworn to attack Iran in order to make Israel the support power of West Asia with illegal WMD, supplied illegally by USA without informing the Un, UNSC, IAEA.

USA says Israel targeting Islam and Arabs can have WMD but Iran cannot have that privilege-why? It does not want the Arab world to use the nuclear facility of Iran for defense purposes. Both USA and Israel give the Saudi rulers Zionist poison in beautiful glass but Saudi kingdom is also ready to taste that in the name of Zionism and US fascism, hoping that by consuming the poison it could destroy Iran- a fellow Islamic nation.

Enemies of Islam, pretending to be the great ‘democrats”, are now emerging as the close ally of Saudi led Gulf States.
Unfortunately, in its outsized fear of Iran, Riyadh has in effect made common cause with Israel – for whom Iran has been a constant thorn in the side –and at a propitious time for both. After former US President Barack Obama’s attempt at defusing world tensions with Iran through the 2015 nuclear deal – over the heads of Israeli and congressional opposition – Trump has walked the opposite direction.

US-Israeli strategy is welcome in Riyadh that seeks to make Iran less important and does not mind if Iran is also attacked and destabilized like Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, giving entire Islamic world an amalgam of failed nations.

If however, Saudi Arabia thinks it would be safe after the fall of Iran, it is mistaken baldy. In fact the target of anti-Islamic nations led by Israel and USA, among their allies like India, Sri Lanka, etc, is not Iran but Saudi Arabia- here Islam took birth and now the cradle of Islamic civilization.

What USA-Israeli twins try to do is to generate hatred especially in Islamic world for Saudi Arabia and Islam so that it would be easy for them to invade and destroy Saudi Arabia along with the Holy sites of Islam.
In case Riyadh and its Sunni Arab leaders think the USA and Israel and their allies love Saud kingdom, they are the worst fools the world has seen.

Unfortunately, in it’s what looks like an insane fight against Iran, Saudi Arabia and other Gulf nations seem to have lost sight of the Palestine issue and have conveniently forgotten about the fate of Palestinians.

Do they also believe what the Isreali Jews continued to bluff about their “promised lands”?

Netanyahu, the incumbent fanatic PM of Israel hose hands are soaked in Palestinian blood, looks smart, in smart suit and American English but he is indeed a big criminal too who, as the Israeli policy, tries to be very close to a confused Trump through the latter’s Jewish son in law. He may or may not go but his successor would not be a genuine leader to end the Zionist crimes in Palestine. .

If so, later, Israel, backed by all anti-Islamic nations led by USA and Germany, would conveniently extend their version of “promised lands” to include Saudi Arabia as well!

Prevention is better than cure, it is said.

Dr Abdul Ruff

Prolific writer, Educationist; Independent Analyst; Investigative journalist, Columnist contributing articles to many newspapers and journals on world politics; Expert on Mideast affairs, Chronicler of foreign occupations & freedom movements (Palestine, Kashmir, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Xinjiang, Chechnya, etc.) Chancellor-Founder of Center for International Affairs (CIA); Commentator on world affairs & sport fixings, Former university teacher; Author of eBooks/books; *Editor: International Opinion, Foreign Policy; Palestine Times: website: http://abdulruff.wordpress.com/ email abdulruff_jnu@yahoo.com;Phone*: 91-7293435028 *Thanks the remuneration if sent to my State Bank of India - Account No: **62310377429 Bank Code: **SBIN0020731 *(Earlier it was State bank of Hyderabad)

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