We will never abandon our Kashmiris brothers and sisters; President AJK 

Islamabad:  Sardar Masood Khan, President Azad Jammu and Kashmir said that we need to strengthen our intellectual and academic muscle in order to better understand and effectively advocate the Kashmir cause.

President Masood made these views public while addressing the students, management and faculty members of National University of Modern Languages (NUML)  on the topic “Kashmir Issue: Role of Pakistani Academia and the way forward” at the main campus here in Islamabad.

The President said that Pakistani institutions of higher learning must adopt comprehensive steps in order to integrate the study of Kashmir dispute and its technical aspects thereby  helping to develop research and explore viable solutions to the just resolution of the matter in accordance to the aspirations of the people of Kashmir.

Keeping in view of the India’s false rhetoric and narrative, we need to re-strategize our approach so as to present the factual and legal position of the dispute, said President Masood.

The President said that India is pursuing a multi-pronged policy of war by persecuting the  innocent populace of IOK; targeting civilians across the LOC in AJK by consistently and blatantly violating the ceasefire agreement; engaging in a proxy war in all regions of Pakistan; and creating a false narrative by demonizing the people and leaders in IOK yearning freedom as terrorists and miscreants, said President Azad Kashmir.

Masood Khan in his address said that an economically and strategically strong Pakistan is imperative for ensuring a strong representation of the Kashmir dispute. “Pakistan has always stood firm on Kashmir and it has been the only diplomatic window for the Kashmiris to the international community”, said President Masood Khan. he said that we must exploit the prospects of the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) for our economic and strategic  advancement.

President said, “The academia should develop  special expertise by focusing on the legal aspects of the human rights violations taking place in the IOK and efficiently present the dispute as a humanitarian crisis of a global scale”

President responding said that India has hid under the guise of bilateral talks in order to buy time and scuttle talks. He said that India is using this opportunity to subdue the freedom struggle of the unarmed Kashmiris by use of brute force and in turn also taken up malicious measures to transform the demography of Muslim majority areas in Jammu and Kashmir.

Over the years  AJK has been the platform for the freedom struggle and we are fortunate to have this freedom wherein Kashmiris have integrated with the social, economic, bureaucratic and politic fabric of Pakistan, said Masood Khan.

During the interactive question and answer session the President said that the people of Kashmir are fundamentally the citizens of Pakistan and it’s the blood of our own countrymen that is being callously spilt in IOK. He said that the people of Kashmir had made a conscious decision in joining Pakistan well before partition. “We will never abandon our Kashmiri brothers and sisters; we will fight for their liberation at all costs. Pakistan remains incomplete without Kashmir and Kashmir has no identity without Pakistan”, reiterated the President.

The way forward is to re-engage the UN, international community and organization so as to sensitize them of the atrocious human rights violations said President Masood Khan. He said that UN has already passed resolutions on Kashmir and we need to engage in debates in the UN Security Council so that the Kashmir dispute is resolved in an amicable and democratic manner in accordance with the resolutions.

“It is a new age of communication and we need to develop a narrative and lobby support by ingress the civil society of all nations especially India in order to leverage our efforts.”, Said President AJK.

The seminar was attended by the Maj. General (Rtd.) Ziauddin Najam (HI), Rector NUML, Brig. (Rtd.) Maqsood-ul-Hassan, Head of Department of Management Sciences NUML, faculty and a large number of students.

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