US and Western Countries must Investigate India sponsored Organisations

US and Western Countries must Investigate India sponsored Organisations


TORONTO: World Kashmir Diaspora Alliance(WKDA) in a statement has stated that Kashmiri Diaspora has right to lobby for Kashmir`s freedom struggle in any country and they will continue to do that within the domain of laws of these countries.

Reacting about the arrest of Dr. Fai in US, Chairman of the WKDA , Farooq Papa said that while we do not want to comment on the legal procedures as the matter is subjudice, but if the allegations are based on what FBI has charged Dr. Fai , then it is imperative for both USA and Western countries to investigate the shadowy organisations of Indians and Kashmiri pandits who have been lobbying in different parts of the world against the Kashmir freedom struggle, these individuals and organisations are allegedly been supported covertly by RAW.

These Indian sponsored and supported organisations are presumed funded by Indian Intelligence Agencies and contingent of individuals are running so called organisations as NGO`s all across Europe and North America.We see these individuals and organisations every year in Geneva , New York and Toronto countering the Kashmir freedom struggle with allegation of terrorism and Islamic fundamentalism which is absolutely false. Kashmir is a human issue and right to uphold human dignity and raise voice to stop the human rights and facilitate the right of self determination can not be termed as a crime.

Farooq papa said that Pakistan’s diplomatic support to Kashmirs freedom struggle is its countries stated stand , that it must not shy away with pressures from West or India.

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