By Altaf Bashir

Aes bayo naeb nishanae rov Kaet tsarav panun, thikanae rov Thael thael yath aes vaens vuchan Tath purni kuluph makanae rov

So brothers our address is lost Where do we look for our own, that place is lost which we have gazed upon with love all our years. That shelter is locked, our home is lost.

Kas kharav taem gatkaruk rah Dum phut gae, vaeh, bahanae rov Tsengis gath dith zajaov paan Patay gatt zool gav, parvanaye rov

Who for that darkness do we blame? Stifled, alas, that reason is lost Fluttering around the lamp, burnt ourselves Darkness fell, the moth is lost

Kar yi pheerith su vond vushnaer Vand ratsan hund yaaranae rov Sombrith bas aes akh partit Voth banas thann, khazanae rov

When will return that heart-warmth? The intimacy of winter nights is lost All we’d garnered was one faith Lidless our pots, the treasure is lost

Aekhir gayre yaelle noon chond drav Dai zaanan, kaemsana vanay rov Yus tsaenan aus paghuk razSui darvesh, mastaney rov

At the last, when we leave with nothing God knows, what places were lost The one who knew tomorrow’s secrets That dervish, that mad seer is lost.

Poem by Zareef Ahmad Zareef (translated by Altu)

Yes, we lost that seer, we lost that solace we crave for, possibly another day. We have lost part of our heritage, peace of mind, and heart. Kashmir is burning and ripped into pieces. Who cares for our loss, it seems happiness doesn’t suit us. We denounce the loss as we know we can’t replace it. When the revered shrine was in flames, every Kashmiri was crying. The women thronged to the place of incident as they wailed in mourning, as the youth began to move with rage! Fire tenders were not carrying water, the only water available from the nearby sewage and sluggish dam, and people refused to sprinkle that slothful water which might hurt the religious sentiments. This is an essential service in Kashmir, although emergency services are not ready on war footing to fight any emergency situation that might arise.

This is similar in the case with our hospitals where medication and treatment are not properly given to the patients which results in fatality and mortality. Yet on the surface the people from outside Kashmir acclaim that we are happy people, because we frequent coffee cafe by day and have fried chicken at our KFC restaurants. Clearly this does not signify that we are happy people. Until they have peeped inside our heart and seen how much pain we are carrying possibly then will they understand?

Seemingly, it’s quite evident that a portion of the youth of Kashmir, are bound to pick up a stone and become a stone pelter, attaining martyrdom at a young age. They will then be living a life of slavery where their aspirations are not met and their concerns not addressed. Anger is still alive in their hearts which demands some proper remedy, though (anger) it’s right there, spilling into the streets like guts of a sacrificial lamb you can see it on their faces! It becomes unstoppable, it can’t be curbed so easily and this will and great self determination to conquer in their mission. You can promise them cheap rice, concrete buildings and below poverty line schemes but they have yet to raise anyone above it. You can still entice a small minority with a pittance pay, newly established redundant government positions created to serve as a gag, this may be a device for buying time, but you can’t ensnare all. You pose as if you still have this under control. You cannot set a price for blood, even if you think you can, power always works that way. But power has schizophrenia, and many sovereigns chose not to acknowledge. It beds the perpetrator as much as it cohabits with the victim. The guns have been relegated to fringes and this stone pelter does not have care for them.

This young boys stone is lying by the pavement, he has used it, he may or may not pick it up again, possibly depending on how you corner him this time. But one thing is as clear as the day which is frozen under curfew in the valley, he will invoke law as an a ideal of justice, however elusive. You

may mediate its language but you cannot override it.

The episode that happened recently has raised many questions on government, and they can’t calm down the public anger by mere false promises, while the government has failed to save and secure our heritage and has left us in a high and dry state. However, every effort is made to divide high moral Kashmiri society on the sectarian lines;

Preposterous! Remember, Kashmiri society has always shown high maturity and patience in such tough times in the past as well. Though, the burning of the highly revered Shrine of Shah-e-Jeelan (RA) is, intrinsically a highly serious and shameful matter. It has certainly raised questions on our abilities to protect such places–which hold unimaginable respect deep in our heart. Now, everyone is requested to keep the teachings of the Shah-e-Jeelan (RA) in mind, and behave like a true Muslim, a true Kashmiri; and don’t allow the fringe elements to come into our ranks. And Muhammad Junaid rightly said: At this great testing moment in our history, when yet another icon of our faith and perseverance is lost, we need to remember Dastgeer’s words. In the 18th spiritual discourse of his \”Fatuh al-Ghai’b\” (Revelations from Beyond), Shaikh Abdul Qadir Jeelani says: if Allah afflicts you with some hurt, none can remove it but He; and if He desires any good for you, none can repel His bounty. He causes it to reach whomsoever He will of His servants. He is the All-Forgiving, the All-Compassionate.

… You should be very wary of complaining, even if you were being dissected and having your own flesh clipped away with scissors. Beware, beware, and yet again beware! Most of the various disasters that afflict a human being are due Srinagar, June 25: Tragedy struck Srinagar when the 200-year-old revered Sufi shrine went up in flames early Monday morning. Several fire tenders have been rushed to the location to douse the flames at the shrine of Syed Abdul Qadir Jeelani popularly known as Shrine of Dastgeer Sahab. The shrine mostly made up of wood, is located in congested locality of Khanyar in old part of Srinagar.

There was tension across the town as the shrine of Peer Dastgeer is highly revered in Kashmir. The cause of the fire is still unknown. Waqf Board had recently begun restoration work around the shrine. An official of the provincial administration said all the relics of the saint those are lodged inside a fireproof vault were safe. Hundreds of locals gathered at the shrine weeping and wailing while they watched the blaze. This is Kashmir and we are not happy !!

Altaf Bashir is Srinagar based Kashmiri student. Email: isaismoon@gmail.com

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