Unemployment: bete noire for youth


It is not everyday you get a call from top MNC’S to be part of their organization, you have to work doubly hard to transform your dreams into reality. but here, it is different, you have to work hard for centuries, you have to apply for every government exam, you have to be jack of all trades, you have to spend restless nights updating your biodata on job portals and still wait for respectable job offers! welcome to kashmir! Unlike the rest of the states in country, the situation is very disturbing and pathetic in this conflict hit zone. Instead of having attractive degrees and experience to their credit, the young generation have to do menial jobs for meager amount of salary. This is the main reason that the trend of late marriages has crept into our valley. Not only this there are myriad of problems that are being faced by the people due to the menace of unemployment. As per the last Economic Survey, when it comes to overall unemployment in north western regions, Punjab (4.5 per cent), Himachal Pradesh (2.8 per cent), Delhi (2.7 per cent) and Haryana (2.6 per cent) are much better placed than Jammu and Kashmir. All-India figures for unemployment rate stand at only 2.6 per cent.

It is unfortunate that we have a very fagile industrial scenario in our valley, the people here want to seek employment instead of creating it. The reason is obvious because of lack of funds. As a result, the ratio becomes very imbalanced. those who are looking for jobs are in lakhs and the vaccancies are just in thousands. Only few days back, thousands of MBA graduates applied for sweeper posts in Uttar Pradesh, most of the engineering graduates are applying for class fourth jobs. this is highly disturbing and demoralizing. As a result of this, the depression cases are showing a mushrooming growth in our valley. PTSD( Post traumatic stress disorder), GAT(General Anxiety Disorder), are mostly found in the youth of this valley. one of the main reasons of unemployment can also be attributed to the weak performance of the public sector in this area.. Ironically the PSUs of the Jammu & Kashmir state have properties worth billions of rupees at prime locations but still they are penniless and are not able to harness their rich potential so as to provide employment opportunities to youth.

The recent statement of Mr Haseeb Drabu apropos the employment of Horticulture graduates stirred the hopes of people, but the moot point is we do not have such degrees or graduates here in Kashmir. Instead of blowing the trumpet of tourism and agriculture, the government should work on the economy that is already in shambles. In order to promote Entreprenuership, awareness camps should be organized, some more institutes like EDI should be incorporated and the training should be provided free to the desirous and deserving candidates. It is unforunate that growth still continues to remain a dream for this state and the sad thing is that most of the people have to leave their homeland and seek for jobs outside the valley!

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