UN Kashmir resolutions still relevant: NC

UN Kashmir resolutions still relevant: NC

Hameed Shaheen

ISLAMABAD: In a dramatic turn in its beaten standpoint the National Conference (NC) of IHK (India-held Kashmir) has upheld the relevance of the United Nations resolutions on Jammu and Kashmir dispute. \”The UN resolutions are still relevant and that is the reason that we see the office of the United Nations Military Observers Group (UNMOG) here in Valley since last six decades. The resolutions adopted by UN about Kashmir cannot be termed obsolete\”, was the observation of the NC Secretary General Mr Musatafa Kamal, records a Kasshmir media outlet.

It is for the first time in 60 years that the NC has let out its pro-UN resolutions viewpoint. Mr Kamal is uncle to the head of the NC CM Omar Abdullah and is quoted to have said: \”Kashmir issue has become the bone of contention between India and Pakistan and its resolution has become inevitable. It is because of the UN resolutions that India cannot move inside Pakistan administered Kashmir (Pak) and vice versa. It is UN that has prevented both the countries to enter into a confrontation against each other about Kashmir.\”

He appealed with a caution: \”Both countries must come forward and prioritize their respective efforts so that Kashmir issue could be resolved at the earliest. We see how many wars have been fought between the two countries over Kashmir and at present the need of the hour is to resolve it on table otherwise the things could get worse.\”

Kamal said that Simla Accord also provides a viable option and \”both the countries must respect the same to make peace in the region sustainable\”.

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