Tourists and Yatris who intend to visit Kashmir are most welcome: Joint hurriyat

Srinagar : From centuries Kashmiris have been safeguarding and providing exemplary hospitality and safety to tourists and Yatris from world including India as we have been taught hospitality, humanity and safeguarding the rights of guests by our great religion, said joint resistance leadership today.

In a statement issued to PTK joint Hurriyat said tourists and Yatris from the world including India who intend to visit Kashmir are most welcome.

Wholeheartedly welcoming the tourists and Yatris who intend to visit Kashmir, the joint leadership said, “Our religion (Islam) and the prophet of Islam (SAW) have taught us to be kind with our guests and serve them and safeguard their rights at every cost. This is also embedded in our Kashmiri culture and ethics and that is why our hospitality has been exemplary throughout the history,” they said.

The leadership said that millions of tourists from the world including India have been visiting Kashmir, from centuries and enjoying the beauty of this “paradise on earth” and also the unparallel hospitality of its people.

They said that their history bears a witness that they as a nation have always stood firm with these ethics and teachings and we have always respected, safeguarded and served our guest during hardest of times and worst calamites and have never shun this attribute of our national life.

The joint leadership said that in 2008 when “chauvinist forces” in Jammu blocked life saving drugs and baby-food to Kashmir, Kashmiris as a nation replied that tyranny with our exemplary hospitality to Yatris and tourists who were in Kashmir that time.

“We not only safeguarded them, provided they shelter but also served them and kept the doors of our homes and localities open on them. Joint leadership said that same was done during devastating floods of 2014 when we as a nation were shattered but looked after our guests with passion and zeal. Welcoming everyone intending to visit Kashmir whole heartedly and warmly joint leadership said that everyone from the world including India is most welcome to Kashmir. We invite them to come to Kashmir and enjoy our hospitality and the beauty of paradise on earth,” it added. (PTK)

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