The new Apple TV is a prelude to the end of conventional television

The new Apple TV is a prelude to the end of conventional television

Clemente Ferrer

The expected fourth-generation of Apple TV is on the market. The device can now be booked in the online store of Apple at a price of 179 EUR for the 32 GB and 229 EUR for the 64 GB version.

Of course, both models do not include the price of the HDMI cable, which costs 25 euros and the user must purchase separately.

Another supplement that does not come standard on the new Apple TV is the so-called Remote Loop, a cable to hold the new control device in the style of the Wii, which the Cupertino company sold separately at a price of 15 euros.

To the final price of the new Apple TV the user can add an AppleCare protection plan for $ 29 and a card iTunes at a price of 25 euros.

The new Apple TV aims to mark a before and after in the history of this device, which incorporates a new environment of applications defined under the name tvOS.

In its revamped Apple TV, the company has also replaced the cumbersome command of previous generations with a new one with six buttons and similar to a \”touchpad\”, which makes things much easier for the user when surfing surface menus. Anyway, the easiest way to control the new Apple TV will be the least intrusive Siri compatible with the device.

The fourth-generation Apple TV will be able to respond to commands from the user through the mouth of Siri. With the famous voice assistant Apple, the user may request the Apple TV to play a movie in particular, to rewind or to show information about a particular artist.

In its core the new Apple TV, which has begun to emerge from the stores, has a processor, a video output and an audio output, among others.

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