Terrorism against Muslims

Terrorism against Muslims

Abdul Hamid Mir

It seems as if the non-Muslim world is scared of the religion of peace (Islam) as they use every harshest possible means to harass, harm & humiliate Muslims everywhere. Even the so called rulers of Islamic states are being educated to create a hostile atmosphere in their respective nations against the propagation of

the religion of Prophets (Islam) but hardly do these hypocrites know that Almighty Allah is the ultimate saviour of all humans including Muslims.

Anti Islamic forces are not confined to only the visibly Non- Muslims but even the hypocrites bearing Muslim names

are also included in this category. It is most disturbing on seeing a Muslim being tortured/killed by fellow Muslim that is order of the day. Whatever is treated forbidden in Islam is being treated mandatory or reversed by the Islam-phobic world. Be it waywardness, moral turpitude, consumption of liquor, homosexuality, birth control, interest based economy or even the clothing; they use every hook and crook to entrap the followers of

Islam and discourage them strongly in adopting the ideals of this religion. For this the enemies of Muslims can go to the extent of framing new legislations or scrapping existing ones.

Human Rights Organizations have already lost their relevance with regard to protecting the dignity of the followers of Islam. Every climax has an anticlimax; oppression on Muslims has crossed all limits. The day is not far away when the anti-Islamic elements will perish completely from this planet in an ugliest way

& peace will prevail.

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