Tehreek-e-Mazahmat ridicules designating Salahudin as global terrorist


 SRINAGAR: Ridiculing the statement of US Department of State’s remarks designating the chief of United Jihad Council, Syed Salahudin, as “global terrorist”, chairman Tehreek-e-Mazahmat, Bilal Sidiqee said that ‘UN Resolution under Definition of Aggression allows armed struggle for nations fighting in defense and for maintain identity.


In a statement issued, Bilal Sidiqee in a statement said that though we don’t need any certificate or permission, yet it is a universal truth that if occupied forces are resisted by people through their might or peaceful resentment, it is not forbidden nor forces resisting aggression need to seek permission from those who have virtually plunged world into dark ages.


“It is strange and ironical that a nation that dropped MOAB on innocent civilians in Afghanistan, devastated Vietnam, Nagasaki and Hiroshima is delivering sermons”, statement reads.


Bilal blamed America for backing Israel in its plans for carrying genocide in Palestine, and said that no doubt America is a big power but there is no justification to force its monopoly as is seen in this case.


Bilal Sidiqee said that as a big power America ought to have served the interests of weaker nations, instead it in a bid to sell its weaponry, is in search of countries like India to sell his war weapons. Bilal Sidiqee expressed his concern that America is illustrating its double standard and instead of helping parties to resolve long pending issue is adding fuel to fire, Sidiqee said that freedom movement in Kashmir is indigenous and it has nothing to do with terrorism, instead America need to contain India and check human rights violations and killings in Kashmir.


He said that Kashmiri is under illegal occupation of India and people seek the implantation of UN resolution and added the, the nations who are being oppressed can resort to armed means to maintain their identity and for their defense. (PTK)

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