Take lessons from Middle East: Mirwaiz tells India

Srinagar: Stating that recent developments in the Middle East were categorical message for ‘suppressers’ that will of the people prevails ultimately, chairman of his faction of Hurriyat Conference, Mirwaiz Umar Farooq Wednesday asked Government of India to take the Kashmiri aspirations seriously and work towards the resolution of the Kashmir conflict.

Addressing the Fifth Global Discourse on Kashmir in Brussels, Mirwaiz said, “Recent developments in the Middle East are a categorical expression of the sentiments and aspirations of the people living there. It is a categorical message for those who are suppressing the aspirations of the people that they will have to bow to the collective will of the masses. Therefore it is the right time for the Govt. of India to take the Kashmiri aspirations seriously and work towards the resolution of the Kashmir conflict”.

The Hurriyat Chairman welcomed the engagement between India and Pakistan and hoped that it will lead to positive outcome provided it was made inclusive and the Kashmiri leadership was associated with the process. “The dialogue should help reduce the apprehensions and the people must feel its impact in their day-to-day lives. In-fact confidence needs to be built at different levels,” he said in a statement here to PBI.

The implementation of the suggestions already sent to the Govt of India by the APHC can be a starting point, he underlined.

Mirwaiz said that this conference was providing a historic opportunity for not only the European Union but also the OIC to work jointly on initiatives to resolve the Kashmir issue.

He welcomed the European Union and OIC collaboration on Kashmir for the first time and called it a historic development for addressing the conflict situation in Kashmir.

While imploring for strengthen the relationship, he said, “What actually is needed is international support for the success of the recently restored dialogue between India and Pakistan. We people of Kashmir look for the international facilitation and partnership for lasting peace in the south Asian region. And the OIC EU cooperation can provide the much needed backup in this direction.”

As per the statement, Abdul Alim, Assistant Secretary General of the OIC, speaking during the discourse reiterated the OIC’s support to the Kashmiris right to self-determination.

He also declared that the OIC would cooperate with the EU to find an honourable and lasting solution to the Kashmir dispute.

Sherry Rehman reiterated the desire of the Pakistan government and the people of Pakistan to support all such efforts, which help the people of Kashmir to address their aspirations. She called for the inclusion of the Kashmiri leadership in the dialogue process between India and Pakistan.

James Ellis Chairman All Parties group EU, who in his introductory remarks referred to the continuity of the discourses, chaired the session. This fifth discourse was a continuation of the fourth discourse. This effort in the EU was essentially for finding the routes and ways to conflict resolution in Kashmir. (PBI)

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