Kashmir: Students continue anti-India protests , clash with forces

 SRINAGAR: Clashes broke out between students and Indian security forces in Hadwara and Pulwama took out a anti-India protest march today on Saturday.

Report said that students started pelting stones at the police when they were stopped by the police. Police resort to heavy tear gas shelling and baton charge to disperse the protesting students.


The students were protesting against the highhandedness of security forces in Pulwama College and arrest of students in different parts of valley recently.


Reports said that several students were injured in the clashes, including some female students. Pertinently the students protest row erupts after police raided a government degree college Pulwama on April 15. The police raid led to widespread protests by students across Kashmir, which continues.


In view of these protests authorities even suspended class work in the higher educational institutions for over a week last month as a precautionary measure. However, the students protest continues due to alleged arrest spree of the protest students in different parts of valley.

India using every instrument to ‘terrify’ Kashmiris, says Jama’at

Jama’at-e-Islami Jammu and Kashmir (JeI) on Saturday expressed its concern and resentment over the “brutal force” used by forces on students of Degree College Handwara and Higher Secondary School Handwara in which dozens of students were injured and termed it “inhuman and barbaric”.

In a statement issued to PTK, a spokesperson of Jama’at said, “Forces have also started arrest spree in valley and have arrested dozens of students from different pockets. Once students are detained, forces violating all human rights by subjected them to worst kind of treatment in police lockups. These shameful attempts depict government of India has started a well thought plan to terrify local population which includes the siege of villages and towns wherein these forces mercilessly thrash locals, damage properties and also try to break the resolve of determined Kashmiris.”

Jama’at also expressed solidarity with media personnel who were beaten by forces in Sopore yesterday.

“The local media men put their lives at risk and covered the atrocities perpetrated by Indian forces upon hapless and defenseless Kashmiris to the world but unruly and callous forces are hell bent upon to put obstructions in their duty.”

“Jama’at strongly denounces such brute force on media persons and terms it grave violation of democratic values and impresses upon world nations and human rights groups to take sound notice of this grim situation and take effective steps for the safety of Kashmiris from state sponsored terrorism,” the statement said. (PTK)

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