Stop custodial killings, prosecute guilty officers: demands JI Hind

Stop custodial killings, prosecute guilty officers: demands JI Hind

New Delhi: Terming Khalid Mujahid’s death in the custody as inhuman, barbaric, which exposes dubious terror probes and custodial tortures to accused, Jamaat-e-Islami Hind has demanded the government to stop custodial killings and arrest and prosecute the police officers who falsely arrest and implicate innocent youths in terror cases, and the guilty jail officials.

“The inhuman, barbaric killing of Khalid Mujahid in the custody of Uttar Pradesh Police has once again exposed the dubious terror probes and custodial tortures to accused. Since the very first day, leading Muslim organizations and NGOs have protested against the arrest of deceased Khalid Mujahid and Tariq Qasmi. In its enquiry report 2012, RD Nimesh Commission has also cast doubt over the role of police. Notwithstanding, Khalid Mujahid died in mysterious circumstances in the custody of state government. His death has exposed the cruel face of the police, on one hand, and has put a question mark on the intentions of the election manifesto of ruling Samajwadi Party wherein it had promised to release innocent Muslim youths arrested in terror cases,” said all India secretary of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind, Engineer Mohammad Saleem while addressing the press conference held today at its headquarters in the capital.

Engineer Saleem further said, “Even though the report of Nimesh Commission on the arrest of Khalid Mujahid and Tariq Qasmi looks satisfactory but the very long time the Commission took in preparation of the report, which was in itself against the demands of justice. And the fragile hope of justice was finished by the indifference and ignorance of the government. While the report was leaked in the media, the government neither tabled it in the Assembly nor did take any clear and effective measure for the releases of innocent Khalid Mujahid and Tariq Qasmi.”

“It is not just the brutal death of an innocent, oppressed noble youth, it is also a murder of human rights and outrage of the soul of justice, law and constitution. We strongly demand the Uttar Pradesh Government to award reasonable compensation to the family of Khalid Mujahid because he was in the custody and protection of the government but it could not ensure him justice and protect his life. The government should arrest and prosecute the police officers who falsely arrested and implicated him in terror case, and the jail officials who pushed him to death,” he added.

Jamaat leader declared Mujahid as Shaheed (martyr). Citing pre-autopsy photographs and video, Mohammad Salim Engineer said Khalid Mujahid did not die a natural death nor of heat stroke or heart attack as the government had claimed. The photos and video, he said, clearly show Mujahid was brutally tortured to death. He demanded immediate arrest of the police officers made accused in the FIR filed by Maulana Zaheer Alam Falahi, Mujahid’s uncle.

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