Abandon stone-pelting, your brothers are alive: Hizb to female students

Srinagar: Hizbul Mujahideen Commander Zakir Musa today urged female student protesters of Kashmir Valley to abandon stone-pelting and stay in their houses, saying: “your brothers are alive yet”.

In an audio message that has gone viral, Zakir says: “As you all know that our sisters are today pelting stones on the streets of Kashmir and are protesting. “I want to tell the sisters that whatever you are doing is against Sharia (Islamic ruling) as pelting stones without veil are unIslamic. In Islam, there are no such protests and that is why Allah is punishing us in the form of occupation,” he said.

Zakir said: “I would like to request my sisters to stay from these acts and sit inside their houses. By doing these things, they are going against Islam. It is hurting our Islam, it is hurting our movement for establishing Islam because due to this (protests by girls) we can be punished by Allah. So, we request all our sisters to stay away from these acts and be inside their houses.

Zakir in his message assured the girl students that their “brothers are alive yet” and should be allowed to do their “work”.  “Rest, we brothers are alive yet, let us do our work,” he said.

The Hizb commander also apologized on behalf of his one of the associates over praising OIC and former Pakistan Army Chief General Raheel Shareef. “And, some days ago, video of an associate of ours had surfaced in which he had said something about OIC and also General Raheel Sharief, calling him our commander-in-chief. I regret this. He had said this by mistake and he too has apologized for this,” he said.

Zakir Musa said that not Raheel Shareef but their “commanders are our ancestors like Khalid Bin Waleed, Salahaddin Ayubi and Sahaba (Companions of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).” (GNS)

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