Status of Muslims today in Hindu majority India!

Dr. Abdul Ruff Colachal



Today the Hindutva forces, that have been promoted, fueled and encouraged by the ruling Congress party as a strong ploy to threaten and control Muslim vote banks, openly threaten the Muslim community for some false reasons but for Hindu votes.

In countries like India regular polls harm the cause of genuine unity of people and Hindutva communal forces target Muslims for Hindu votes. If elections are not conducted to elect a government, most probably, Hindutva communalism would die a natural death in this secular nation.

Muslims in India have got no national leader and that has made the life of Indian Muslims miserable as majority Hindus and their extremist version Hindutva which means anti-Islam Muslim agents deny peace and prosperity to Muslim community and harm their genuine interests, threaten them with life and destructions.

Unfortunately, Muslims by and large are not conscious about their pathetic status as Muslims and are not fully Islamic by their behavior and outlook. The Hindu parties sue them as paid agents for “field work” for ensuring votes for their parties and candidates. Like their masters, these Muslim leaders also view the Muslim community as vote bank stuff.

As a result, these Muslims argue their political parties and leaders forcefully for than for the genuinity and worth of their own religion because they are not committed to  Islam, Muslims, mosques, and all that they want is money and wealth.

This explains why the many Muslims, including the Muslim League leaders in Kerala, care nothing for the rebuilding of Babri Mosque, pulled down by Indian state and Hindutva forces- backed jointly by core media lords and intelligence guys.

Muslim league follows the footsteps of Congress party so that BJP does not call it anti-national and does exactly what the Congress leadership instructs to them. They view money and wealth are more important than an old Babri Mosque.  Shia faction is with the BJP led Hindutva forces and support the Hindu structure over the Mosque. That is level Muslims have stooped down now. Obviously, it is because of these essentially anti-Islamic elements that Indian government is slow peddling the Babri mosque case in the courts. Already 25 years  have passed since the 16th century historic Mosque was made to disappear by the majority criminal forces in the broad sun light on 06th December of 1992. . .

India has conveniently “acquired” the rights of suing and misusing the Muslims in the country and for which the Muslim agents are responsible.  . .

Most of Muslims are politically indebted to political outfits run by rich Hindus leaders who make money by all means.  A survey showed that most Muslims, fearing Hindutva forces, had earlier supported the Congress party and but now they have stopped such blind voting in favor of Congress just because they fear BJP and other Hindutva communal outfits. These Muslims betray the Muslim community as they serve the Hindu parties as vote bank agents to garner Muslim votes for the polls whenever announced.

Muslims in India, being the target of Hindutva and Congress parities, today are more and more conscious of the fact the Congress party exploits the Muslims by suing the Hindutva threat and also use the BJP and RSS to raise anti-Muslim and anti-Islam issues to threaten defenseless Muslims community.

Most Muslims, as a punishment for the national party for their secret betrayal of Muslims on Babri Mosque and other important issues concerning Muslims and Islam, have stopped voting for the Congress party, resulting in the falloff Congress party.

However, knowing the loss of solid Muslims vote banks, Congress is now eager to use the non-BJP parties to come back to power and wooing left and centric parties for alliances.  But BJP is gradually taking away the Congress party’s Hindu vote banks in a systematic way by using the weaknesses of its secret ally.

There are quite a lot of Hindutva minded people in Congress that support the BJP even as the Congress is trying to forge an alliance with “likeminded’ parties. .

Muslims finally saw through the secret nexus between RSS-BJP and so-called secular parties like Congress party that have deliberately betrayed them since 1947 when India achieved independence with the help of Muslim community that stood in the front to fight the invaders and exploiters.

Now the BJP and RSS fanatics say the Muslims are a problem for them as they want to live as humans with dignity. .

Unlike the previous avatar of BJP regimes, the Hindutva BJP today deadly anti-Islam and anti-Muslim, targeting almost everything Muslims cherish as their own.  More than hatred for Islam, the Hindutva forces target Islam, mosques, Common civil code,  beef,  Ghar vapsi, etc  in order to secure their Hindu vote banks to be snatched from other political outfits.

BJP and other Hindutva allies raise all sorts of anti-Islamic issues with threatening tones to force Hindus to vote for them. From Pakistan, Bangladesh, Kashmir, to ghar vapsi, beef, uniform civil etc are the major tools in their arsenals, in fact targeting Hindu votes.

Uniform civil code denies freedoms to religions. Hindutva forces are deadly ill focused on dividing the nation and people just to get the Hindu vote banks from Congress and other parties.  They have devised schemes to push through Hindutva agenda without believing in Hinduism and god.  They are dirty politicians who want to rule and loot India.

In fact, the Hindutva forces are keen to impose Hindutva principles on to other religions in India and abroad.

Uniform civil code is redundant in a society of multilingual and muliticulrual, multi-religious, multi caste ethos.

Pushing uniform civil code a part of anti-Islamism is funny and immoral and illegal.

Religious matters should be decided and dealt with only by the religious rules.

Refusing accept the court orders on the Babri Mosque, BJP and RSS duo think judges are fools like the voters who have just voted for them when the Hindutva leaders spread fear of Islam, Pakistan, Kashmir, terrorism etc.  These voters may have thought only Hindutva partied s can save them and serve them well but the fact BJP people are also corrupt and criminal minded. .

Religious bigotry has official sanction in the new India. It is fashionable in saffron circles and common among the middle class that seeks to snatch the part of privileges Muslims have like reservations, etc. The common refrain is that India is a “proud” and hence arrogant Hindu country and finally the majority community need not be apologetic any more about it.

Brazen bigotry is the zeitgeist of the ruling Hindu right-wing BJP, whose icons, such as Uttar Pradesh CM saffron Adityanath, openly trash secularism and want those who introduced the concept in independent India to be penalized. Apparently, the CM has secret squad to target the Muslims.

Since Modi’s arrival in New Delhi as PM, terror attacks have stopped. What does that mean?

In order to win the elections in Gujarat PM Modi tells that Pakistan and Congress party have common agenda against India and people must vote for his party to save India. Is it not a bluff?   How can that be when Congress sis the root cause of all troubles for Indian Muslims, Kashmiris and Pakistan?

Hate crimes are fine, too, in new Hindutva India. Crimes that are committed against Muslims for the way they dress and look, the food they eat and for the work that they do. (Sometimes the targets are also the Dalits -considered untouchable by High caste-bound Hindus).

Muslim cattle traders and dairy farmers are periodically lynched in the name of cow protection and the gruesome murders, committed often in broad daylight, are recorded in videos and boastfully posted on social media where unbridled majoritarianism is celebrated in offensive language and images.

If the lynchings of Muslims as new Hindutva trend are part of a systematic plan to deprive Muslims of one of their remaining avenues of traditional livelihood, the overall message being conveyed is that they are not equal citizens.

Worst, the general citizenship is under serious threat. In Assam, nearly 90,000 Muslims have been declared illegal immigrants and 2,000 others have been locked up in detention camps in a tragedy that has largely gone under the radar. Thousands of others — most of those arrested are poor laborers — are running from pillar to post trying to prove their bona fides. Illegal immigration and the ‘Muslim’ question has been a long-festering issue in Assam but the drive to arrest and deport ‘foreigners’ got fresh impetus after the BJP came to power for the first time in May last year.

Muslims are on notice that their life, livelihood and religious freedom are not secure. The exercise to arrest and deport Muslims termed Bangladeshis is “one of the world’s largest efforts at disenfranchisement”, according to IndiaSpend, a data journalism website which investigated the issue. It said hundreds of crores of rupees and over 100,000 staff were being deployed to weed out ‘doubtful Muslims’ or ‘Bangladeshis’. Harassment to prove citizenship is widespread and even a retired soldier who had been in the India Army for 30 years has not been spared.

In its treatment of minorities, the BJP has drawn its ideas from its parent organisation, the RSS. And the RSS viewpoint mirrors the two-nation philosophy of conservative Muslim ideologues who propagated the concept of zimmi, which treats religious minorities as second-class citizens — zimmis, or the protected, who would enjoy property and contractual rights and be subjected to their community laws but not enjoy some of the political rights allowed to Muslim citizens.

M.S. Golwalkar, the most influential chief of the RSS whose ideas inspire Prime Minister Narendra Modi, goes a step further to say that rights of the foreign races as he termed the minorities should be strictly circumscribed. Golwalkar declares that “they must lose their separate existence to merge in the Hindu race, or may stay in the country, wholly subordinated to the Hindu Nation, claiming nothing, deserving no privileges, far less any preferential treatment not even citizen’s rights”.

Last week, as India marked the 25th anniversary of the demolition of the mediaeval-era Babri Masjid in Ayodhya, the first shrewdly orchestrated mass movement by the extremist elements among all caste Hindus to assert Hindu supremacy and put Muslims in their place, it was clear that BJP have come audaciously close to implementing Golwalkar’s agenda. The trajectory has been more sharply etched in the three years since the Modi regime came to power.

RSS wants the judges to promote Hindutva by handing over the Mosque for a constricting Hindu structure there devoted to Rama, the pious hero  of one of the historic novels Ramayana penned by Valmiki, who deserted his wife Sita for none of her own fault. . .

Judges after all are human and as prone to prejudice as anyone else as Bombay High Court Judge Mridula Bhatkar revealed when granting bail to men accused of beating a young Muslim man Mohsin Sheikh to death in Pune. She said they had been ‘provoked’ by his religion as they hate Islam. Her order which did not dispute the prosecution’s claim that the men had been identified as the assailants makes for chilling reading. “The accused had no other motive such as any personal enmity against the innocent deceased Mohsin. The fault of the deceased was only that he belonged to Islam religion. I consider this factor in favour of the accused. Moreover, the accused have no criminal record and it appears in the name of the religion they were provoked and have committed the murder.”

As there is always an excuse in India media for religious hate crimes, BJP and RSS have reinvigorated the Godse murder ideology. Hindutva forces began attacking and killing Muslims as soon as the Modi government came into force as per the RSS plan.  Mohsin of Pune was killed in 2014 soon after the BJP came to power with a sweeping majority with MPs who have no knowledge t all and could not be sued a ministers. It turns out the killers had been primed by the leader of the Hindu Rashtra Sena, one of the countless extremist Hindu organisations that have sprung up, to wage war on Muslims and to create terror in the area. The Pune case reflects a more widespread bigotry against the minorities or Dalits in which identified assailants are either let off by the police or whose actions are justified by the political establishment.

Bigotry under the new dispensation is impervious to either parliamentary etiquette as the unseemly attack on the outgoing Vice President Hamid Ansari showed or even judicial circumspection.

For flagging concerns over such divisive and discriminatory trends, outgoing Vice President Hamid Ansari was mocked by someone no less than the prime minister for what were termed his “core beliefs” and his leaning towards “certain circles”. Modi was referring to Ansari’s career as a diplomat, mostly in West Asian countries and to the fact that he had been vice-chancellor of Aligarh Muslim University.

What the former diplomat and outstanding humanist Vice President Hamid Ansari had highlighted during a convocation address was that India has become “a polity at war with itself in which the process of emotional integration has faltered and is in dire need of reinvigoration”. He said Indian  secular democracy facing a serious threat and  suggested that measures should be taken to assuage the heightened insecurity amongst segments of the citizenry, “particularly Muslims, Christians, Dalits”. But bigotry does not like a light being shined on its darkest corners.

But RSS and BJP have their own political agenda stay in power.

Indian hate for Muslims is so deep that the state sponsored military genocides of Muslims in Myanmar are a welcome phenomenon for the BJP government and RSS.  They have not criticized the Burmese criminal regime for the crimes committed against the humanity. Indian government, now worried about the strong unrest in occupied Kashmir, even decided to declare the Burmese Muslims as terrorists.

The status of Indian Muslims is what the regime and society want to provide them and as a minority community they cannot earn or take it on their own. In fact, the Indian Constitution stress for special treatment of Muslims and other minorities so that they do not leg and behind and are protected in true spirit of the term. They are a part of the nation and system- and not outsiders and the political RSS-BJP people try to tell the Hindu voters.

Indian Muslims are Indian citizens, first and last. Indian regime, ruled by any party or coalition, must ensure the safety and security of them. Insulting and attacking, lunching or murdering for political and poll reasons must end and India judiciary has pivotal role to play in this regard to make India a truly secular democracy.



Dr Abdul Ruff

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