Spanish is the second most used language on Twitter

Spanish is the second most used language on Twitter

Clemente Ferrer

The Spanish language is placed on Twitter after English and Chinese, and ahead of Japanese

In the social network Twitter Spanish is the second most used language, just behind English Chinese, and ahead of Japanese. The data has been provided by the director of the Instituto Cervantes, Victor Garcia de la Concha, at the headquarters of the Center for diffusion of a language spoken in the world by 495 million people and that has grown in the last decade by 800% in Internet, standing on third.

Twitter acts as a social soundtrack for the TV, which is still the media king. That allows chains and brands reach the viewers in real time right in the moment when a program is on the air. 95% of online conversations about television take place in Twitter.

The relationship between Twitter and TV is symbiotic . The users of the platform like to comment on what ‘s going on television, and the creators of the programs increasingly use the network to add new content and dialogues according to what the viewers like.

The introduction of a live hashtag can encourage the participation of viewers to see what is happening on Twitter and to interact . In this sense, the social network is responsible for working with the media to quantify the impact that the conversations that occur in their domains have on the behavior of the spectators.

Among other interesting findings, it is noteworthy that the fact put a hashtag on the screen increases from two to 10 times the volume of responses to each tweet. Also display the name of a user of Twitter grows between two and eight times the answers.

In the U.S., Nielsen has created a Twitter rating of television programs based on the social participation that awakens each program. This gives to the broadcasters a new metric that goes beyond mere audience data. In Spain, Twitter collaborates with Kantar Media to create a similar measurement system. (Source: IPMARK)

Author and journalist Clemente Ferrer has led a distinguished career in Spain in the fields of advertising and public relations. He is currently President of the European Institute of Marketing.

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