SKCS cautions PDP and NC

SKCS cautions PDP and NC

Srinagar: South Kashmir Civil Society(SKCS) in a statement cautioned PDP and NC for an alliance with communal forces— who hell-bent to divide the state on religious lines and suggested to maintain distance with them. Society as such since from its inception has been keen to raise local, regional and state issues. SKCS, never believes in making minority a victim through majoritarianism, equally now the situation has reached to an extent that some people in Jammu in the name of Vikas(development) want to make majority a victim through their hidden radical agenda, spokesperson SKCS said.

SKCS reiterated that people in Kashmir whosoever, has voted for secular of character of the state on the promises made by regional parties for development and keeping communal forces out of power, tragically, some seats in Jammu in certain areas have gone to those forces but this doesn’t mean that people of those areas have the same agenda, in fact they have been lured for better life opportunities in the name of employment and prosperity.

SKCS maintains that if PDP or NC or any other group forges an alliance with BJP shall be treated as disrespect to the mandate and at the same time mandate of Jammu needs to be respected. Society cautions both PDP, NC even Congress besides PC and others not to go for any such like democratic fraud.

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