Shift all prisoners to Kashmir as families unable to visit them: Qazi Yasir

– Ailing health of jailed “Freedom Chacha” seriously impacts South Kashmir, Mirwaiz Qazi Yasir Warns Govt

Islamabad: The Ummat e Islami Jammu Kashmir Chairman Mirwaiz Qazi Ahmed Yasir on Tuesday warned the government that ailing health of prisoners in jails has serious repercussions and demanded they shall be shifted to Valley, in wake of their families being unable to travel long distance for visits due to bad financial conditions.

In the four month long pro-freedom uprising in Kashmir since July, thousands of people have been arrested, including many Muslim clerics associated with the UeI in South Kashmir. A delegation of UeI today again visited the Kotbalwal jail in Jammu and met its senior leader, Moulana Sarjan Barkati, whose wife had earlier said that she is not in position to meet her husband due to her weak financial conditions and he is ailing in the prison.  

Moulana Barkati, popularly known as “freedom chacha and Pied Piper of Kashmir” for his peculiar way of sloganeering and massive public rallies across South Kashmir was booked under the Public Safety Act (PSA) on October 1. Mirwaiz Qazi Yasir asked the government to immediately act upon his wife’s appeal of shifting Moulana Barkati to Kashmir. The UeI is also filing a petition in the court, demanding Moulana Barkati’s transfer to Kashmir immediately.

Mirwaiz Qazi Yasir said that Kashmiri prisoners in various jails outside the Valley are all political prisoners and are being harassed for their role in the mass public uprising. Referring to the rumors about Moulana Barkati’s health, he warned, “Such rumors could even become reality also. People are unable to visit their family members in Jammu and other jails. The government has put thousands in jails and hundreds slapped with the PSA. Majority of these people in jails are not financially well and their families have been unable to visit them.”

Mirwaiz Qazi Yasir said that the government should immediately shift all the prisoners to the Valley, including Moulana Sarjan Barkati, Hurriyat leader Ayaz Akbar, UeI leader Moulana Sajad Hashmi and JKLF leader Noor Mohammad Kalwal. He said that Moulana Barkati’s health conditions could have serious impact on the situation in South Kashmir and the government will be responsible. 

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