Send Kashmiris to refugee camps in India to curb protest: BJP MP Subramaniam Swamy

New Delhi: India’s Ruling Bharitya Janata Party MP Subramaniam Swamy on Tuesday suggested that the troubled Kashmir Valley should be de-populated and Kashmiris sent to refugee camps in Indian State of Tamil Nadu to curb protests in the state.

“Solution to (the) Kashmir Valley revolt is to depopulate as was done to Kashmir Valley Hindus. For a few years keep them in refugee camps in TN (Tamil Nadu),” Swamy tweeted, a day after university and college students across the valley clashed with government forces.

Swamy is known for his controversial and fanatic comments.

Meanwhile, a BJP lawmaker from Karnatka while uploading the picture of Kashmiri youth tied with ropes in central Kashmir’s district Budgam called for a “nationwide campaign” if any action is taken against Major Leetul Gogoi, who has allegedly tied him to a jeep.

“If any kind of action is initiated against brave Maj Gogoi, let’s start a nationwide campaign to support him,” MP Pratap Simha tweeted on Tuesday. This message came a day after the India’s top law officer, attorney general Mukul Rohatgi, said the officer should be “applauded” and not criticized. (CNS)



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