Sartaj Aziz and Salman Khursheed agree to respect ceasefire agreement

Sartaj Aziz and Salman Khursheed agree to respect ceasefire agreement

BISHKEK: Advisor to Prime Minister on Foreign Affairs Sartaj Aziz Friday said that he had very useful meeting with Indian External Affairs Minister Salman Khursheed and they were agreed that both India and Pakistan should respect 2003 ceasefire agreement.Giving his comments following his meeting with Salman Khursheed, on the sidelines of 13th Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) here, Sartaj Aziz said, “I had a very useful meeting last evening with Mr. Salman Khursheed in a frank and cordial atmosphere”.He said, “We both agreed that it was important to respect the 2003 Ceasefire agreement in order to reduce tensions and for this purpose.” Sartaj Aziz said, “We also agreed that the existing mechanism shall be used more effectively.”

He said Pakistan and India have two mechanisms at present, that include regular contacts between Director General Military Operations and Joint Working Group on Cross Line of Control CBMs at the level of Joint Secretaries of the two countries.

He said, “The two D.G. (MOs) talk regularly every Tuesday and we have a Joint Working Group on Cross LoC CBMs at level of Joint Secretaries or D.G of Ministries of Foreign Affairs.”

Sartaj Aziz said, “I conveyed our concern and disappointment that the momentum which the two Prime Ministers had created for the peace process and the composite dialogue, soon after the new government took over the Pakistan in June this year has been arrested by the unfortunate incident of 6 August.”

“I also emphasized that the objective of establishing durable peace in South Asia is of such paramount importance that it should not be held hostage to electoral politics or the process allowed to be derailed by a single incident,” he added.

Considering the likelihood of a meeting between the two Prime Ministers, Sartaj Aziz said, “we agreed to use diplomatic channels to finalize the agenda for such a meeting keeping in view the progress made so far in various working groups and in back channel contacts.”

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