Protest with dignity

Protest with dignity

No matter what the blasphemers do, they can’t belittle the grandeur and the majesty of our beloved prophet (SAW). All we need to do is to keep our cool


Blasphemy, they do it in the name of ‘law’ of freedom of expression and we do it as an expression of anger and resentment. Tragically on our part we do it in veneration for our beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). But does violent response it fuels in us, serve the purpose and squares with the teachings of Islam?

How would this trail of death and destruction, please the Greatest Man (PBUH) who despised violence the most. What has Christopher Stevens to do with sky-spitting romance the wicked Sam Bacile and Terry Jones indulged in? Is the violence we do a tribute to our holy Prophet (SAW)?

What the promoter and producer of the film wanted to achieve, we in default, played our part. In provocation, in losing sense and falling in the trap. They must be sipping beer in their safe havens, thousands of kilometers far away, doing frolics to see us drugged and painting black the glorious face of Islam and bringing disrepute to our beloved Prophet (SAW). It is not difficult to judge who, after the dust settles and we return to post-event cool, emerged victorious. Everything in our show of “strength” backfires on us. We leave the world trembling. Aggressive behavior and intolerance from us rob the compassionate good of Islam. Ironically we strut in triumphalism after disfiguring the face of Islam. Introspection evades us and we keep groping in the dark.

After all why are we bothered of such rubbish which should have best remained stunk at their doors. Unfortunately, however, we are, inadvertently, turning ourselves into conduits and ad-agents of their stink-bombs. Salman Rushdie would have remained obscure and died forlorn in the pages of the Satanic Verses had we not brought him to fame. A ‘mediocre writer’, as Markandey Katju (former Supreme Court Judge and present chairman of press council of India) describes Rushdie, joined celebrities with this abusive enterprise. Since long our protests died down but Rushdie keeps riding on importance-given wave we created for him. Lajja made Taslima Nasreen taller beyond her stature once we focused on her filthy stuff.

The glory of Islam and Prophet (PBUH) is not neither linked to the faith adherents or non-believers. Islam as an ideology and Muhammad (PBUH) as a Prophet are complete guidance with eternal existence of their own. What if God-denial mode holds pre-eminence, will Islam lose its ideology and leader? Never. Never. So even if entire world enters into a conspiracy to denigrate the most blessed soul on this planet (PBUH), still in God’s reckoning he remains the most revered and the greatest mankind has ever seen. Last year the villainous Pastor Jones burnt pages of Holy Quran. But this outrageous, condemnable and intolerable hate crime did not in any way affect the credibility of the divine scripture. The sole-captivating appeal of the divine book pierces through the heart in the West. Islam is the fast-growing religion in the West despite several barriers. Our own not so impressive and contradictory character being the one.

Often Muslim clergy and leaders plead that such “shock waves” from the West are aimed to determine if Muslims as Ummah are living or dead. That means more belligerent and volatile the response, more that reflects the “livingness” of Muslims. Ignoring the Islamophobes is synonymous to “sign of weakness” and a “defeatist mentality” which followers of Islam and lovers of Prophet (SAW) can’t take it lying down. Invariably that mindset, with the sanction rather provocation from the clergy, pushes Muslims on path of confrontation. And nearly in all cases and occasions it is Muslims who lose life and property. Tragic part of this showdown is while we burp up in rage and reap the damage, the blasphemers are deriving the immense pleasure. Not a scratch they feel the intensity of our draining adrenalin on streets. It is name, fame, riches and security status which descends on them.

They have learnt from this rage eruption how to collect the fortunes and how to vilify Islam. The pyromaniacs from the “civilized” West and their religious bigots and the xenophobics know where lies our raw nerve and how to touch it. It is a trade they have fashioned to perfection and, unfortunately, we have yet to see through this game. That is why at each touch we become losers.

[Greater Kashmir]

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