Prince Alnoaimi urges Saudi King to play role in saving Arab alliance from rift

BRUSSELS, June 10 : President of United Arab Native, Prince Jamal Houssain Alnoaimi has appealed to the King of Saudi Arabia Salman bin Abdul Aiz to help save the Arab Alliance from breaking due to the prevailing crisis in Gulf.
In a statement issued in Brussels, he said that Arab countries should adopt effective strategy to settle the matter before it spread all over the region. He said, “We are entering into a dark tunnel due to the Gulf situation, adding that Qatar should immediately convene a representative meeting of Gulf countries with the help of Kuwait and stop the propaganda in media”.
He said that Al-Jazeera TV should avoid the policy which is harming Qatar and the Arab World. He appealed to the parties to use wisdom and take sincere steps for unity of the Muslim Ummah in the holy month of Ramadan so that conspirators could not succeed in their nefarious designs.

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