Political leaders: Human Rights Activists in opposition, Yamraaj when in Reign

By Sajid Yousuf

In 2010, when Omar Abdullah of JKNC was in power, Almost 125 people were killed and 4,288 were injured, including security forces. This was not the first time that something so terrible had happened. In fact this is an ongoing process. With the incoming of power, madness and corruption has always strangled the innocents. Even in 2008, when congress was in power, 46 people were killed and 1,265 others were injured, including security forces. With every new incoming power, people expect a change for the betterment of society, A change which these ‘powerful’ had promised during the campaigns held before elections. The power which should have brought patience, persistence and competence, is changed so corruptly that it ends bringing vanity and hypocrisy.

To free the innocents from the clutches of horror, On Jan 09, 2017 Members of National Conference and BJP legislators clashed in the Jammu and Kashmir Assembly during the Opposition’s protest to demand a time-bound judicial probe into civilian killings during the 2016 Kashmir unrest. An investigation is certainly required to keep a check on the powerful. Keeping this in mind, the opposition National Conference (NC) demanded judicial probe into the gruesome killing of innocent civilians in Darbug area of Chadoora, describing them as ‘a blot on Indian democracy’. Before getting in power, these people are at their best behavior. They make ‘hollow’ promises which are good enough to raise the expectancy of people but they never intend to fulfill any of these promises. As a result people and left heartbroken and distrustful. This goes on until another candidate comes and promises people of an archetypal society but fails miserably after coming into power. Distrust and power are juxtaposed to produce hopelessness in people. This hopelessness is misunderstood as Impotency by these ‘powerful’ and thus they go on carrying their evil deeds. Hundreds of innocents are butchered yearly and no one is ready to take the blame. The presiding Party does not accept their fault or come clean in public. These ‘Supremes’ now pretend to fail miserably in the hands of fate and opposition. Accusing the opposition party then becomes the Motto of the presiding party. They take their people to be foolish and underestimate the power of ‘unity’. Even after completing the tenure of their Presidency these people fail to relate with the predicaments of the common people. Shamelessly, they pretend as impotent victims who cannot act because the opposition is in power now. Even Omar, the presiding CM blames separatists for a man’s death during protests.

In 2010, Syed Ali Shah Geelani and his followers who had given a call for Friday protests, encouraging stone pelting, were responsible for the death of innocents. According to Omar Abdullah, they were the ones responsible for the death of a 10-day-old boy in Baramulla then. He had said that if the separatists and the Opposition People’s Democratic Party do not condemn the incident with the “same ferocity and intensity, they will be accused, and rightly so, of hypocrisy”, But nothing observable has happened even 7 years later.

When Mehbooba Mufti was in Opposition PDP, she said the killing was highly condemnable, but added that the incident cannot be taken in isolation, and cited the alleged killings of civilians by security forces. Merely talking about the incidents in public has not helped the common people. Action is much required. These ‘supreme’s have to understand that people are not foolish and that they can easily see through their hypocritical masks. The lack of choices is making people question their fate which is undoubtedly molded by these ‘powerful’ people. A confrontation of people with their rights is required and educating them about their rights is the only way to put an end to the corrupt means of these ‘Supremes’. Political leaders from both Ruling parties and opposition are on Social networking sites, When JKNC was ruling the state, and PDP didn’t spare them and mock them on every issue. Now the same things are going on as JKNC is doing the same, they condemn every killing but this time they forgot to condemn and write or tweet a few lines about the Tufail Matoo who was killed during the tenure of Omar Abdullah. Mehbooba Mufti reacted on the PSA slapped on minors in 2010; she said “You can’t book children under the age of 15 under Public Safety Act, mean while in 2016 under her tenure Government slapped PSA on many minor children.

Writer is Social Activist and Law Student of Kashmir University he can be reached at sajidyousufshah@gmail.com

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