Pellet guns causing genocide in Kashmir


        It would not be wrong to label pellet guns as a new face of barbarism in Kashmir. The brutal use of this lethal weapon has not only killed numberless Kashmiri sons but it has made millions of our Kashmiri children handicap of their limbs and handicap of their most precious thing that is eye sight. Now our innocent toddlers are unable to see their beautiful heaven on earth i.e Kashmir, they are now unable to enjoy the charm of gardens of Kashmir, they are now unable to read  their nursery books and unable to complete their homework. In addition to this, constant use of pellet guns  and tear gas shells over Kashmiri people is becoming a cause of acute chest pain in toddlers, men and women folk including aged people as per doctors. Here I am unable to control myself in asking a question that why authorities are so brutal towards Kashmiri public? Inspite of knowing the fact that lead particles used in pellet guns are hazardous for human eye cells and soft body tissues of human body, why our authority is using such a lethal weapon to control angry hearts of kashmir. In addition to this, it is first time in the history of world where women and children are targeted in war like situations. Turn the pages of history you would come to know that during war like situation children and women were exempted but irony in Kashmir is that our toddlers and women are targeted in their homes, balconies, lawns and terraces inspite of them not being a part of any protesting mob, inspite of them not be a part of stone pelters and in spite of them not be a part of militants groups. Isn’t this an extreme of brutality?


Today every section of Govt. is trying to push the valley unrest towards normalcy. Every minister whether central or state want that once again vehicles should run over the roads of Kashmir , once again shop should open in the streets of valley and once again they should get a chance to make their loot possible but no one hardly cares about those innocents who have lost their precious lives, no body hardly bothers about the unending flowing tears of that kashmiri father who has lost his only son, no body hardly pays any attention towards those innocent flowers who have lost their eyesight forever. No body is pondering over the root cause of tsunami arouse after the death of Burhan Wani and no body is serious about solving the kashmir issue. In addition to this comparison of Kashmir turmoil with bubbles of soda bottle or a spring swing reflects the arrogancy of our so called top leader ship. This cold reaction over the blood flow of our innocent Kashmiri people would have make them good politician for their voters but this can never make them true leaders of a nation because a true leader is one who thinks for each and every section of his nation and honour the just demands of the people of his nation.

            Amid this atmosphere of chaos and uncertainty, sea of support which arises from civil society across the nation and world wide is acting as an ointment over the profusely bleeding wounds of our Kashmiri nation. This is the time for our honorable prime Minister  Shri Narendra Modi to become a real leader of whole nation then only a mere politician. Our prime minister should make a way through to this international and political issue by ordering plebiscite or self rule in the valley which can make Kashmiri nation to feel Kashmir as their own belonging and can further slow down their agitating nature. Other wise killing in all the three cases whether in case of militant, armed personnel or civilian, we are losing a son of soil.







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