Peace in Afghanistan vital for entire region: Analysts

Peace in Afghanistan vital for entire region: Analysts

Say confidence building measures to make the Afghan peace process meaningful

Islamabad: Pakistan has suggested that no pre-conditions should be set to start the negotiation process between the Afghan government and the Taliban.

Speaking in Radio Pakistan’s program, Chairman, Standing Committee for Foreign Affairs Awais Khan Leghari said: “It is a four-nation conference on Afghan peace and Taliban are not the part of this conference. This conference is being finalised a roadmap for resurrecting a stalled peace process in Afghanistan. Pakistan has always played its due role during face-to-face meeting between Afghan officials and Taliban representatives in July last year. Peace in Afghanistan is in best interest of our country. China and United States agreed to pursue the reconciliation process which is a positive development.”* Senator Nehal Hashmi said: “Pakistan is holding the four-nation conference for Afghan peace which is a clear indication that Pakistan has been making all out efforts to bring peace in Afghanistan and trying to facilitate Afghanistan in peace talks.

Afghanistan is also among the beneficial of China Pakistan Economic Corridor. Pakistan also hosted Heart of Asia conference for peace in Afghanistan in December last year. The credit for all the efforts for peace in Afghanistan goes to PM Nawaz Sharif. Indiscriminate action against the terrorist outfits in Zarb-e-Azb is un-refutable evidence of our strong conviction. Terrorism is a major threat to global and regional peace.”

Federal Minister of Housing Akram Khan Durrani said: “An effort has been made through the meeting of Quadrilateral Coordination Committee on Afghan peace process to bring peace in Afghanistan. Afghanistan is our neighbour country so Pakistan has always supported peace in Afghanistan. Peace in Afghanistan is in national interests of our country. Both Pakistan and Afghanistan have been badly affected by the menace of terrorism. Pakistan’s role is crucial in peace dialogue between Afghan government and Taliban. By ignoring the role of Pakistan for peace in the region, having peace in Afghanistan is not possible. Pakistan, Afghanistan and China are three close neighbours having common interests and stakes in promoting peace and development in the region.”

PTI leader Shahryar Afridi said: “Peace in Afghanistan is mandatory for peace in the region. COAS Gen Raheel Sharif has held certain visits to Kabul as part of efforts to expedite the peace process. Pakistan has conveyed a strong message to the world that Pakistan has brotherly relations with Afghanistan and Pakistan will continue its efforts for peace process in Afghanistan. United States and China have also been trying to play their roles for regional peace. A number of Afghan refugees have been residing in Pakistan which is the proof of Pakistan’s friendly relations with Kabul. The comprehensive dialogue between Pakistan and India should also be continued in order to have peace and prosperity in the region.” Senator Khanzada Khan said: “We are very much hopeful that Pakistan, Afghanistan, China and United States will be able to find a way for peace in Afghanistan. COAS Raheel Sharif has played his role in a very effective way to make Operation Zarb-e-Azb successful. Similarly, Pakistan is also ready to play its role of facilitator for peace talks between Afghan government and Taliban. Pakistan participated actively in Heart of Asia Conference and now in Quadrilateral Coordination Committee which clearly indicates that Pakistan is making serious efforts for the regional peace.” Senior analyst Dr. Farhat Haq said: “The main feature of this conference is that United States is also willing to play role for peace process in Afghanistan and China is also the part of this conference. President Obama has already admitted that United States could not win against terrorism all alone. United States has also admired Pakistan’s role and efforts in Operation Zarb-e-Azb to wipe out the terrorism. Peace in the region has improved to a great extent after successful war against terrorism. The President Obama laid out the key elements of our strategy that are needed to combat the threat of terrorism abroad and in USA.”

Defense analyst Brig (Retd) Mehmood Shah said: “Pakistan has managed to reduce terrorism in the country to a great extent. The present government is still making serious efforts for peace process in Afghanistan. Terrorism has badly affected the economy of Pakistan then present government and the security forces initiated a crucial and expensive war against to eradicate the menace of terrorism from our mother soil. Pakistan has an important geographical location and its importance in the region could never be ignored. United States is also aware of the fact that without the support of Pakistan, terrorism could not be defeated.”

Analyst Dr. A.Z. Hilali said: “Pakistan has been making serious efforts to bring peace in Afghanistan. China Pakistan Economic Corridor will facilitate Afghanistan as well. Four-nation meeting on Afghan peace process is a positive development. The members of this committee include representatives of Pakistan, China, Afghanistan and United States. It means that Pakistan’ role in the region is vital. Pakistan is already playing its role for peace and prosperity in Afghanistan. Pakistan has offered its services to play its role of facilitator in peace talks between Afghan government and Taliban. Afghanistan should stop India from using its land for terrorist activities in Pakistan. The induction of China and United States in Quadrilateral conference on Afghan peace has increased the importance of peace dialogues.”

Senior analyst Dr. Zahid Anwar Khan said: “Peace in Afghanistan is vital for its nation and the regional peace. Pakistan has an important geographical location and has strong bilateral and brotherly relations with Afghanistan. We could deny the fact that Pakistan could play a prominent role as a facilitator in peace talks between Afghan government and Taliban. Both Afghan government and Taliban should be flexible in their terms and condition in order to make the dialogue process successful. Taliban should given the right to be the part of national politics and power sharing. Pakistan is undertaking a number of bilateral projects in Afghanistan in the field of health, education and infrastructure development. Around 2,500 Afghan students are studying in Pakistani universities under Prime Minister’s scholarship scheme.” Senior analyst Dr. Ghulam Mustafa said: “Meeting of the Quadrilateral Coordination Committee on Afghan peace process is vital for elimination of terrorism and economic development in the region. Taliban should be given the right to constitute their government in their majority area. There will be some time required to reach the conclusion. There are mainly two communities in Afghanistan i.e. Pashtoons and Persians. Pashtoon community supports Pakistan whereas Persians are being supported by India. We may say that Ashraf Ghani is leading the Pashtoon community whereas Persian community is led by Abdullah Abdullah. China wants to improve the economy of Afghanistan and support peace process in Afghanistan. China Pakistan Economic Corridor will facilitate all the countries of the region including Afghanistan.”

Senior journalist Aqeel Yousafzai said: “Pakistan has an important role to play in regional peace especially peace in Afghanistan. The ongoing four-nation conference is chain of Heart of Asia conference held in last year. Afghan government should support Pakistan’s efforts to resume peace in Afghanistan. Both the countries need to support each other to stop the cross-border movement of the terrorists. We are hopeful for some positive outcomes of this conference. Pakistan is fighting a successful war against terrorism and destroyed the hideouts and networks of the terrorists. Afghan government is backing some terrorists that have been involved in terrorist activities in Pakistan. Afghanistan should take strict action against the terrorist without any discrimination.”

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