Pashkum Residents Block Highway in Kargil, hundreds stranded




Kargil : Expressing resentment over the delay in macademization and maintainace of the road on the National Highway 1D, residents of Pashkum today staged protest. The national highway was closed for traffic by the residents of Pashkum Village from 7 am to 12 noon the villagers protested in the same way last year also for the same demand but their demands were remained unheard.

According to the Councilor of the Village Kacho  Feroz an irrigational cannal which came under the Highway Expansion work was built by  Project VIJAYAK but the cannal  leaked at various places which according him is due to use of substandard material.

The villagers were alleging the BRO official in charge of the area has totally failed to provide a standard level of work on the National Highway and demanded for his transfer from the site.

During the protest hundreds of Light and Heavy Vehicles from Kargil to Leh and Leh to Kargil were stranded due to the protest for the whole day.

The protest culminated only after the intervention of Executive Councilor LAHDC Kargil Advocate Mohammad Amir who took on the spot action and got assurance form the BRO Official for early redress of the issues.

The BRO Official assured the people to install a Water Pump by today Evening till the Canal is reconstructed failing of which they assured for crop compensation.

He also assured that other issues including the transfer of the officer will be done on priority basis by tomorrow and quality work will be provided.

However later Dy Sp Kargil Ishtiyaq Ahmad Kacho who was maintain law and order situation on the Highway regulated the stranded traffic.

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