Paradise regained

  • Sunaina Malik (Rajouri)

                 It would not be wrong to call 8 July, 2016 as a day identical to doom’s day in the history of Kashmir. On that day it appeared that we had completely lost our paradise because people erupted as a tsunami towards the funeral procession of Commander Burhan wani and from there started that wave of hate and violence which lasted for 4 months.

              These four months were the worst months of our life. We have lost our numberless near and dears, we have also lost the precious eyes of our children. During these four months we have not lived a single moment which was devoid of terror and depression. We have not seen our clear unlimited sky, we have not seen birds singing on trees, we have not seen our beautiful   gardens, we have not seen our open playful schools and, we have not seen life in streets of kashmir. Everywhere there were dead bodies, and cries of their funeral processions. In short for the past four months only tears, pain, terror, bloodshed, wounds, screams and hunger were our only companions.

    As it is said every black horrible night of darkness has a charming dawn so, our nightmare of 134 days also ended into a beautiful day on 19th of Nov. 2016. It appeared that God has returned our Paradise because there was smile at every face even birds and animals were singing and dancing by seeing hustle and bustle in the streets and roads of valley.

    No doubt, time has come when we kashmiri have to pounder over the most important issue of our life and should decide our fate by our own without following the foot
     prints of those who have saved their skin by sending their families to abroad. Can anybody answer me?

    (1) What do we want, happy smiling faces of our children or terrorized eyes and soul of our young one’s?

    (2) What do we want a fragrant air of Kashmir or air diluted with fume of bullets pellets and tear shells?

    (3) What do we want, young hands with books or hands with guns or stones?

    (4) What do we want, hungry stomach or satisfied mouths?

    (5) What do we want, a life of a traitor  who continuously live in apprehension of death, or life of good loyal citizen of our country who has aim to do something beneficial for world?

    (6) What do we want, to find the dead body of our only lovable son in some barren nullah or stream or in identified grave or to see him earning name and fame?

            (7) What do we want, our beautiful paradise should chirp like a charming bird or mourn under continuous bandhs?

             In addition to this, if we talk about injustice then tell me, Was the cold blooded murder of innocent  students in class rooms in Pakistan by terrorists, a justice? Was brutal killing of people of Pak. in shrines and Mosque, a Justice? Was the killing of Countrymen by their own country men in Syria, Palestine, a justice? In short whole world is full of incidents of injustice. So far as the question of independence of Kashmir from India is concerned, we cannot ignore the danger of China and Pakistan. These two countries are waiting to take control over Kashmir and we would not  be in a position to save our dependence. So we have to have a deep insight of these perspectives because now we not left with enough stamina to shoulder the dead beds of our beloved children


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