Paradigm shift in Education

Paradigm shift in Education

Abdul Hamid Mir

The education sector seems to attain more and more significance with each passing day. However, the mechanism adopted by the trend-setters to ensure a change, should always be democratic and inclusive. All stake holders including administrators, parents, students, teachers & teacher associations should be taken onboard because the new milestones can only be achieved with the active, coordinated and coherent efforts involving all of the above mentioned parties. No scope should be left for resistance or rivalry within the education sector. Schools, colleges and universities should be overhauled to meet the latest challenges at state, national or international level. Outdated curriculum, teacher recruitment processes & pedagogy be replaced by advanced methods to make them oriented to the demanding scenario. At the same time, physical infrastructure too needs to be raised to meet the minimal requirements in the modern competitive world. To mention few, for instance in our state, the eligibility for appointment of a school teacher is still 10+2 while an aspirant should be graduate for junior assistant! Similarly, Degree college title has become now too obsolete to have some relevance in the present context. It reflects a distorted image on the minds of entrants from day one as they confine their mental horizon to a degree only. Institutions should be named after great personalities so that the entrant is inspired at the very initial stage. Universities should encourage advanced research on the areas concerning our own problems and challenges rather than choosing unrelated thrust areas. Our educational institutions should produce human resource which can think beyond the government jobs. The government sector is already squeezed. The perception of youth needs to be given a direction wherein they can think in innovative ways and invest their talent in productive sectors rather than sucking the stagnant public sector. There is a strong need to involve the talent of best brains in meeting the economic, scientific & social objectives. Educational institutions should become knowledge hubs rather than resistance camps. They should be embodied with think tanks having a true spirit for a holistic development and prosperity.


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