Pakistan wants good ties with all neighbours: Analysts

Analysts call for enhancing bilateral cooperation with Iran in diverse fields
Islamabad: Iranian President, Dr. Hassan Rouhani has said that his country desires to enhance mutual cooperation with Pakistan in diverse fields including education, technology and health.

Speaking in Radio Pakistan’s program, defense analyst Lt. General (Retd.) Amjad Shoaib said: “We are happy that another Indian spy has been apprehended in Balochistan and the network of India spy agency has been exposed. But this is not news for us. We are certain that India has been actively involved in sabotage activities inside Pakistan. We will certainly take this issue to the international forums. Now, our media and people have already realized that how deeply involved India is in our country. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi had admitted in Bangladesh that his country played a crucial role in the dismemberment of Pakistan. The Pathankot incident reflects the failure of Indian security agencies to safeguard its installations.”

Defense analyst Air Marshal (Retd.) Shahid Latif said: “The role of media was not vibrant in past but now it is changing. We have lot of evidence against Indian involvement but we could not present it to the world in an appropriate manner. We will have to intensify our diplomatic efforts to raise these issues at the international level. The arrested Indian spy should be presented before media and his interview broadcast to show the world the true face of Indian in making efforts to destabilize Pakistan. Our intelligence agencies should also strive to capture more Indian agents involved in our country.”

Senior analyst Dr. Shaheen said: “The arrest of Indian spy from Balochistan is not a new development, but India is continuously playing a dirty game to destabilize Pakistan. Pakistan has solid proofs on Indian involvement in Balochistan and Karachi and our government has already shared two dossiers with the United Nations in this regard. India is backing and sponsoring the terrorists in Pakistan and is behind many acts of terrorism. India should show maturity and not back such elements as it can harm the regional peace. It is also the duty of international powers to pressurize India to stop its nefarious designs in the region.”

IR expert Dr. Hussain Shaheed Soharwardi said: “The relationship between the United States and Iran is improving day by day and the sanctions have also been relaxed. Now, Iran once again has come into the mainstream due to the positive policies of Iranian President Hassan Rouhani. The Iran-Pakistan gas pipeline project was shelved due to the international sanctions on Iran but now it is the time that Pakistan should initiate this pipeline without any delay.”

Economist Dr. Mirza Ikhtiar Baig said: “Pakistan and Iran’s relations are improving after the lifting of sanctions from Iran. We have agreed for long term strategic relations. Both the countries have decided to increase bilateral trade up to 5 billion dollars in next five years. Pakistan is looking forward to export rice to Iran and it is optimistic to further enhance bilateral trade in diverse fields. Pakistan and Iran are brotherly neighboring countries and have potential to expand trade and have strategic prospects of engagement too.

Defense analyst Dr. Muhammad Khan said: “It is matter of great concern for Pakistan and entire world that India is playing a role of spoiler in the region, which is disaster for regional peace and stability. India portrays itself as secular and democratic country abiding by international laws. However, on ground it is involved in subversive activities and neighboring countries. It is promoting terrorism in Pakistan and trying to destabilize Pakistan. Pakistan should expose Indian true in front of global community. Pakistan is trying to get rid of menace of terrorism. Our security forces have conducted successful intelligence based operations and have dismantled the strongholds of terrorists.

IR expert Dr. Amna Mehmood said: “In my view, the visit of Iranian President will help to improve the bilateral relations between Iran and Pakistan. Iran is an energy rich country and wants to sell it to neighboring countries. Pakistan is facing energy shortage and it can buy oil and gas from Tehran. This meeting has enhanced the confidence of both countries on each other. Pakistan and Iran can mediate several disputes in Muslim world by performing their pro-active role. Pakistan and Iran have signed several agreements and are committed to increase trade volume up to five billion dollars.”

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