Pak Govt. urged to ensure security of expatriates

Pak Govt. urged to ensure security of expatriates


London: The participants of a conference on ‘Pakistan Today’ held at the House of Lords have called upon the government to ensure security of the expatriates so that the economic development could be made possible through bilateral contacts and investment.

The conference was jointly arranged by Pakistan Achievement Awards UK & Europe and Union of Pakistani Youth. Baroness Sayeeda Warsi was given Life Time Achievement Award.

Chairperson of Conservative Party and Cabinet Minister Baroness Sayeeda Warsi in her speech recalled the historical ties between Pakistan and the Britain. The foundation for strategic dialogues between both the countries was laid during the British premier David Cameron’s Pakistan visit, with the purpose to increase bilateral contacts and promote trade, aid, security and culture. The largest British aid programme in Pakistan is in progress under which 4 million children would be provided education for which 60 thousand teachers would be trained while 6 million text books would be provided to the students.

She said it was heartening to note that unlike European countries the growth rate in Pakistan stood at 4 per cent. Some of popular brands from here had set up their outlets in that country. The bilateral trade volume by the year 2015 would be raised to double.

Baroness Warsi noted that although Pakistan had to face many political ups and downs and the subsequent democratic governments could not complete their tenure in the past but democratic reforms and devolution of powers to the provinces carried out during the current period was quite encouraging. She impressed upon the government to ensure security of the expatriates so that “We and our children could enjoy visiting Pakistan and their bilateral contacts are saved from breaking.”

Sadiq Khan MP, Shadow Lord Chancellor said two third population of Pakistan was of 30 years while half below 20. These youth could prove the best work force in the present age of globalization but investment there could only be possible when security was improved. He said he was not disappointed about its future despite all these challenges.

Lord Nazir Ahmed said Indian lobby was making much hue and cry over Baluchistan issue while there was no such reaction when it came to Kashmir issue raising many questions. He said the resolution on Baluchistan was being used as leverage to force Pakistan to restore NATO supply to Afghanistan which was stopped after martyrdom of 24 Pakistani troops at the hands of NATO forces. He said the people had no fear of punishment and had made mockery of law.

Lord Qurbain Hussain said the community had always stood with their compatriots in the hour of trial and he was hopeful that the coming generation would also love their country with the same spirit.

Lord Tariq Amed said “achievement of Nobel prize and Oscar Award proved that we are no less in talent than any other nation. Here Baroness Sayeeda Warsi, Lord Qurban Hussein, Lord Nazir Ahmed, Sadiq Khan and others from our community in the politics speak of our community’s talent and success.

Mayor of Brent Councillor Aslam Choudrhy said the government needed to take concrete steps to ensure security of the expatriates to strengthen their ties with their country.

Toaha Qureshi MBE, Chairman of Forum for International Relations Development (FIRD) said that “extremism and security are the two major issues in Pakistan for which immediate policy making is needed”.

Rana Saad Sultan, President of Union of Pakistani Youth said,\”this is the time that we invest in the right people, the youth and women of Pakistan for the progress of the country\”.

The conference was also addressed by Chairman Pakistan Achievement Awards UK & Europe

A – Haq, ex councillor Mushtaq Lasharie, Ahmed Shahzad OBE and others.

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