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Date: 11 Aug 2014

By Sajjad Shaukat

Although in the western counties electronic TV channels enjoy much freedom of expression, yet they follow self-imposed code of conduct during serious national issues, especially like war. For example, in the immediate aftermath of the 9/11 tragedy in the US homeland, American government, opposition,

Date: 9 Aug 2014

David Leffler

The Hamas arsenal of rockets keeps on coming as the Israeli military continues its offensive by hitting the Gaza Strip with its artillery fire, air strikes and tactical incursions

Even if this strategy ends the current crisis, it will most likely prove futile in preventing any future attacks.

Date: 9 Aug 2014

--Dr. Abdul Ruff

India has remained a top most corrupt country where the corporate lords and other rich business bosses and their political friends in parliament and government decide the fate of Indians. these rich guys thrive while ordinary people continue to surfer even after repeated polls.

Date: 6 Aug 2014

Abdul Majid Zargar

The Jammu & Kashmir Coalition of Civil Society has released the massive heart wrenching report of Sailan Massacre titled “The anatomy of massacre-The Mass Killings at Sailan, August 3-4, 1998”.Sailan is a small village in Surankot Tehsil of border District Poonch.

Date: 4 Aug 2014

Dr. Syed Nazir Gilani

For Arabs self-preservation and power are more important than Muslims causes anywhere in the world in particular in Gaza or Kashmir (Kashmir is a Muslim majority cause). They are scared of one person one vote and democracy and have to shrug off any such political symbols in the region

Date: 3 Aug 2014

Report release on the 16th anniversary of the massacre, August 3-4, 1998

Today, on 3 August 2014, the 16th anniversary of a mass killing which took place in Sailan village, Poonch District, the Jammu Kashmir Coalition of Civil Society in association with the Survivors of the Sailan Massacre, released a report The Anatomy of a Massacre:


Date: 3 Aug 2014

By Zaheerul Hassan

UNO and world over protests failed to convince Israeli to stop brutality in Gaza. Tonnage of bombs pounded in Gaza by Tel Aviv’s warplanes in more than 155 airstrikes on the blockaded strip till 27th day of aggression.

Date: 1 Aug 2014

Abdul Hamid Mir

With no respect for Geneva conventions and international humanitarian laws, the Jewish state continues to show its military might on unarmed civilians instead of fighting a war directly with the Hamas. The military action by Israel on defenceless civilians of Gaza strip is condemnable. World also knows the illegal occupation of Israel into the Palestinian

Date: 31 Jul 2014

-Dr. Abdul Ruff

It looks as if the Saudi led Arab nations have sold the rights not only of Palestinians, besieged by Israel-Egypt twins but more than that the rights of Islam to the enemies of Islam, especially the USA-Israel terror twins. Jews and American military Christians seem to have taken over the custodianship of Islam

Date: 30 Jul 2014

By Zaheerul Hassan

On 30 July 2014, a complete family consist of seven members were killed in Israeli bombardment on a house located in Southern city of Gaza “KhanYunis”. The death toll touched to 1362 that include 312 children, 178 women and left more than 7050 injured in 23 days of Israeli brutality against Gazans.

Date: 29 Jul 2014

--Dr. Abdul Ruff

Profession of journalists perhaps is one of the worst endeavors, given the very nature of the paid work involved and their vulnerability to earn money.

It is not only news is paid but even views and propaganda are

Date: 27 Jul 2014

To reunify the forcibly divided parts of Kashmir is our main objective and desire. We stand for demolition of ceasefire line and as a first step we want resistance leadership on either side meets to present a peaceful solution of this dispute.

Date: 27 Jul 2014

By Sajjad Shaukat

Muslims inside India and the Indian-held Kashmir including Pakistan are well-aware of the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s agenda to reduce the Muslim community in India to second class citizens. Muslims’ anxiety in the region is multiplying due to the fact that during the election campaign,

Date: 26 Jul 2014

The 2002 initiative still provides a template for a just solution to Israel’s conflict with the Palestinians and the Arab world.

By Turki Al Faisal | Jul. 7, 2014 |

Sometimes, at the darkest moments, what matters is that men and women of courage and imagination not only hold on to the idea of peace, but also try to imagine what that peace

Date: 26 Jul 2014

Narendra Modi's plan to return hundreds of thousands of displaced Pandits to Jammu and Kashmir highlights the state's appalling human rights record

Amrit Wilson

India's prime minister, Narendra Modi, is facing a total shutdown on his first visit to Jammu and Kashmir this week, with a mass

Date: 24 Jul 2014

Iftikhar Gilani

Journalists have aided intelligence agencies in backchannel talks with militants

The BJP-led NDA government has washed its hands off the Pakistani sojourns of journalist Ved Pratap Vaidik and his meeting with the 26/11 mastermind and Lashkar-e-Taiba

Date: 24 Jul 2014

Dr. Ghulam Nabi Fai

Secretary General, World Kashmir Awareness

These are my views on the principle of ‘right of self-determination’ and its applicability to the 67-year-old Kashmir conflict to be considered during the United Nations Working Group meeting that is taking place this week at its headquarters

Date: 24 Jul 2014

-Dr. Abdul Ruff Colachal

In making its foreign policy a bit clear now, India has at long last expressed its anger and anguish over the Zionist fascist operations inside Palestine-Gaza during the Holy Ramadan month.

Date: 23 Jul 2014

-Dr. Abdul Ruff Colachal

It seems the Hindutva government is on its way to implement the anti-Islam agenda now. The anti-Muslim trend has already set by the newly elected Hindutva MPs.

Date: 23 Jul 2014


Indian tennis star Sania Mirza was on July 22 appointed ‘Brand Ambassador’ of Telangana, one two new states created recently by bifurcating Andhra Pradesh- other sisterly new state is Seemandhra. Sania Mirza will promote the new Telengana state’s interests in India and abroad.

Date: 22 Jul 2014

Ishaq Begh

As the unfortunate and ill fated Israeli aggression in Gaza strip is in its spiral genre, from the last couple of days this perverted antagonism is leaving behind the innocent killings and mass destruction both in the human as well as pecuniary aspects and in contrast to this all the whole world is watching it as a mute spectator.

Date: 22 Jul 2014


One of my favourite questions I ask my people is, “Are you against the Aman Ki Asha?” Every time, I get the same answer wrapped up in astonishing bewilderment, “Who says we are against the Aman Ki Asha? But favouring Aman Ki Asha does not mean selling our ego, self-respect and our basic human rights to India.

Date: 21 Jul 2014

-Dr. Abdul Ruff Colachal

Muslims in India, remaining as the so-called suspected ones since 1947 and the image readily reactivated plus boosted especially since the Sept-11 hoax, need to be extra cautious as they could be the target of state cum Hindutva attacks even for

Date: 20 Jul 2014

By Sajjad Shaukat

Every year, Kashmiris living on both sides of the Line of Control and Pakistan including rest of the world observe July 19 as Kashmir’s Accession to Pakistan Day.

As regards the dynamics of the day, on this very day in 1947, the historical resolution was adopted by the All Jammu and Kashmir

Date: 20 Jul 2014

Karan Thapar

It amazes me how the smallest and, sometimes, the silliest things work us into a frenzy and make us froth at the mouth. The Ved Pratap Vaidik affair is the latest example which shows how, at critical moments, we lack a sense of proportion, balance and perspective. Sadly, the worst offenders seem to be the media and the Opposition.

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