OIC SG hails NAM meet in Egypt

OIC SG hails NAM meet in Egypt

Hameed Shaheen

ISLAMABAD – The Secretary General of Organization of Islamic Cooperation, (OIC), Prof. Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu, expressed his congratulations to Egypt for its successful leadership and stewardship as Chair of the Non-Aligned Movement.

In his speech addressed to the 17th NAM Ministerial Meeting in Sharm El Sheikh-Egypt, Thursday, 10 May 2012, Ihsanoglu said that it is befitting that the meeting is being held in Egypt, the birth place of one of the pillars who conceived and built this great and historic movement, says OIC message to Kashmir Watch here Thursday.

The Secretary General commended the democratization process Egypt is passing through, stressing on that with the advancement of the revolution, all legitimate aspirations of the Egyptian people will be attended. He reiterated OIC’s firm support for the fulfillment of the noble aspirations of the Egyptian people.

On other vein, Ihsanoglu warned that the situation in the Middle East and occupied Palestinian territory in particular, is becoming increasingly volatile. “Israel’s military occupation of the Palestinian land, its flagrant violations of international law and denial of the national rights and aspirations of the Palestinian people, remain at the heart of unrest in the region and compound a long-standing challenge for the international community” he said.

The Secretary General added that Israel, the Occupying Power, continues to build illegal settlements in the West Bank including East Jerusalem. Moreover, Ihsanoglu emphasized that the plight of thousands of Palestinian political prisoners languishing in Israeli prisons represents a question of missing justice. He descried them as victims of the most horrible and systematic inhuman practices perpetrated through the legislation and application of racial Israeli laws.

On the economic field, the Secretary General highlighted that since the conference of Bandung, a lot of changes of great significance have taken place in international economic relations. He asserted that at present, the economic tide turn in favor of new ascending economic powers while traditional key economic players appear to be overwhelmed by a deep-rooted crisis that realistically will not come to an end soon.

Ihsanoglu called upon to that South – South cooperation should be promoted and strengthened among developing countries, noting that the OIC has been playing a leading role among its Member States in promoting the increase and diversification of their economic and trade relations.

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