Nuclear talks between Iran and West to go beyond June deadline!

Nuclear talks between Iran and West to go beyond June deadline!

-Dr. Abdul Ruff


Talks between Iran and major powers on finalizing a historic nuclear deal will go beyond the June 30 deadline. Five world powers and Iran are taking part in the talks. Both USA and Iran have declared the talks are on and will be extended further to obtain results.

The talks between Iran the P5+1 (the United States, China, Russia, Britain, France and Germany) are aimed at finalizing a framework deal struck in April. Officials have said that the deadline may be missed by a few days but until now no officials have confirmed that it will. A spokesman for the Iranian delegation in talks in Vienna said Sunday: \”Because there is still lots of work to do the delegations will remain beyond June 30 to continue the negotiations and reach a good overall deal,\” the spokesman said. \”At the same time there is no desire or discussion yet on a long-term extension,\” he said.

The negotiations aim to see limits placed on Tehran’s nuclear programme in exchange for international sanctions on Iran. According to that agreement, Iran will sharply reduce its nuclear programme in scale and submit to tighter UN inspections in order to make any drive to make an atomic bomb virtually impossible. In return Iran, which denies seeking the bomb, will see painful sanctions lifted. Tough remaining issues include the timing and pace of the sanctions relief and UN access to Iranian military bases.

The admission came as Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammed Javad Zarif prepared to fly back to Tehran from Vienna, Austria, where talks are taking place. Observers said Zarif probably needed to seek guidance over a stumbling block in negotiations – how much access Tehran will grant to nuclear monitors.

The veto members of UNSC also called the P5+1 – the US, UK, France, China and Russia plus Germany – want to limit Iran’s sensitive nuclear activities to ensure that it could not build a nuclear weapon quickly.

The negotiators were a few days late agreeing a framework agreement, which was reached in early April, and it now appears likely that the June 30 deadline for a comprehensive deal may also not be respected. But the US official – who spoke on condition of anonymity – insisted there would be no long-term extension.

According to the US official Zarif told his US counterpart John Kerry of his return to Tehran on Saturday, and he is expected to return on Monday. As well as the details of the proposed UN monitoring regime on Tehran’s activities, disagreements are also reported to exist over the timing of sanctions relief.

US negotiators are being closely watched by critics both at home and in its military ally Israel – including arrogant Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu, whose country is understood to have the Middle East’s only nuclear arsenal. Israel does not reveal the details of its nuclear arsenals because, reliably, USA shields Israeli crimes and its military possessions. .Israel does not think it is necessary to take the IAEA or UNSC into confidence over its nuclear arms. On Sunday Netanyahu decried US-Iran deal as bad agreement, which is becoming “worse by the day\”.

In fact Israeli leaders, including the illegal settler ministers and MPs, say the world has no right to know about Israel’s holy nukes. I t is widely known Israel would not hesitate to fire its nuclear enabled missiles at Arab nations beyond Palestine and even at European nations if Israel’s arrogant existence is not allowed and protected.

Possessor of dangerous nukes Israel is also a major arm merchant to third world nations, including India which is second largest, after China, customer of Russian weapons at concessional rates.

USA recognizes Israel as the super power of West Asia and as such wants Israel to be the only nuclear power in Mideast while Israel does not want any other nation in West Asia/Mideast to acquire nuclear capability.

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