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Date: 5 May 2012

Qazi Yasir blames AI for diverting people from anti India sentiment

Islamabad (Anantnag): Mirwaiz South Kashmir, Qazi Ahmed Yasir while addressing thousands of people in Jamia Masjid on Friday, has blamed Amnesty International for diverting peoples' anti-Indian sentiment into the anti law sentiment. While referring to the Pathribal killings case he said that the Judgement in this case is an eye Opener and a punitive lesson for those parties and HR groups who still believe in Indian Judicial system.

Qazi Yasir said, the people of Kahsmir have given countless sacrifices for the cause of liberation and these sacrifices should not be forgotten by the people of Kashmir. He said back on this day in the year on 1997, two girls were raped by Indian Forces and incidents like that have happened time and again whether it be Kunan Poshpora, Brah Ranipora, be it Budasgam, or Shopian. He warned people that incidents like this will continue to happen till the end of Indian Occupation.

On the report of Amnesty International regarding PSA, he said that this is the agenda of the organisation's Indian chapter to divert the anti-Indian sentiment into the anti law sentiment.

Dr. Yasir expressed grief over the demise of the mother of Mirwaiz central Kashmir Molana Abdul Latief sahib and Imam Dargah Hazratbal.

Mirwaiz reiterated his demand for the release of political prisoners. He said they are the heroes of our land and they will remain our heroes.

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