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Date: 5 Mar 2012

JI condemns racist remarks of Tagodia

Srinagar: Jama’at-e-Islami has vehemently condemned the venomous speech of Mr. Parveen Tagodia, President of Vishwa Parishad in Rajouri in which he expressed his deep hatred for Muslims of the whole sub-continent. The meaningful silence and inaction on the part of the administration against this frenzied communal element and the presence of some leaders of pseudo-secular congress party in this function and applauding his views is not less deplorable. The visits by such communalists forces in J&K is a great threat to the communal amity here though their unfounded and illogistic dogmas have no common acceptance amongst the Hindus even. The deliverance of a hate-speech against Muslims in a Muslim dominated area is a heinous offence and the administration was bound to take some immediate legal action against the culprits but the people at the helm of the affairs are least bothered about the interests if the people here and their only
aim is to remain in the power for which they had once joined their hands even these forces also.

Jama’at-e-Islami has cautioned the people of J&K about these racist forces and appealed them to strength their mutual communal brotherhood and avoid any encouragement of such vicious elements. These mischief-mongers do not even spare their co-religionist Hindus belonging to the other castes and have been treating them ridiculously for centuries together despite their vast number of majority.

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