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Date: 3 Oct 2011

Pak analyst sees significant developments in Indo-Pak ties

Brussels, Oct 3 (EuAsiaNews): A leading Pakistani security expert and analyst Ikram Sehgal has said that there are "welcome and positive" developments in relations between India and Pakistan.

Speaking at a press confernecne at the sideline of an international security conference in

Brussels on Monday Sehgal, Chairman of the international security company Pathfinder G4S, listed a number of developments to support his argument.

He noted the recent visit of Pakistaini foreign minister to India, the visit of a Pakistani trade delegation to India, India’s reaction not to blame Pakistan for the bomb blast outside a court in Delhi and lifting of India’s veto in the World Trade Organisation against an European Union duty-free programme for Pakistani products .

"These are very significant developments" he stressed.

The Worldwide Security Conference (WSC) is convened annually by the EastWest Institute (EWI), an international organization based in New York and Brussels.

Sehgal who is also a member of the EWI Board of Directors rejected the suggestion that the Pakistani government was behind the assassination last month of former Afghan President Burhanuddin Rabbani.

"The country that is most affected by Rabbani's murder is Pakistan," Sehgal said.

He also blamed Afghan President Hamid Karzai of trying to spoil ties between India and Pakistan and claimed that Karzai has "no standing in Afghansitan."

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