News channels creating wedge between Kashmiris

Gurez people condemn staged reporting by ZEE TV

 Gurez:  The continuous TV reports by ZeeTV presenting people of Gurez to be loyal to India have got severe criticism among residents of Gurez. In a statement issued to CNS, Gurez based Dard Shin Development Organisation has condemned Zee Tv for misrepresenting its people. General Secretary of the organisation Mohammad Ramzan Khan said that some potters and coolies working with armed forces in the area and also some political workers cannot be the collective voice of people of Gurez. He said that Civil society of Gurez & Dard Shin Development Organisation  in particular and people of Gurez in general condemn the brutal killings of 50 innocent people.

“We are with the people of Kashmir valley during this hour of grief. When people from Chennai can protest against these killings , how can people from Gurez which are part and parcel of Kashmir speak all the nonsense on TV channels ? Indian media is using all cheap tactics to divide the people of Kashmir on the basis of ethnicity, region , language  and other things” statement further reads.

The statement adds that Protest against Killings have taken place in Drass , Kargil , Karnah and Gurez against the killing of innocent people and that is the befitting reply to these media channels. People from any region of J&K cannot tolerate human rights violations and innocent killings

“We appeal J&K Government to ban these channels which preach  communalism , regionalism under the garb of so called Nationalism” said Noor Mohammad Sheikh, Ghulam Mohammad Dar , Farooq Ahmad Sheikh , Abdul Jabbar Lone all members of  civil society Gurez. (CNS)

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