Nayeem Khan Invokes Role of China in Kashmir Resolution

Nayeem Khan Invokes Role of China in Kashmir Resolution

Srinagar: Invoking the role of China in resolving the Kashmir dispute, National front Chairman, and Hurriyat Conference (JK) leader, Nayeem Ahmad Khan has said that India should take concrete majors so that the people living in the south Asian region enjoy stability, peace and conflict free lives. He said that the effective countries like China have a significant role to play in resolving the disputes like Kashmir. “If it happens,” Nayeem Ahmad Khan said, “that will help Kashmiri youth to prefer a political path.” He said that otherwise our brave youth will continue to challenge New Delhi, despite its military and economic might. Nayeem Ahmad Khan in a statement added “the martyrs who rendered their lives in Tral and Shopian, in fact want an end to the dispute but when their fore father’s voices were not given any heed they decided to fight it out.” Nayeem Ahmad Khan said that Kashmir dispute has nothing to do with neither changing governing hands nor it can be resolved by sanctioning worldly benefits to the inhabitants, but it needs political majors and steps on New Delhi and international levels.Nayeem Khan said that talking about human rights violations and stopping them are two different things. “Kashmiris are suffering since decades together by the hands of the men in uniform. It is our firm belief that unless and until demilitarization takes place, there can be no stopping,” he said adding “to linger the dispute and kill time by mere assurances and other impractical things will not help and are the biggest rights violations in itself.”

Nayeem Khan said that the countries like China should play their role to convince New Delhi to come out of their traditional and illogical way and take serious majors to resolve the long standing Kashmir dispute. He said, “This is inevitable to save the south Asian region from more instability.” He said that Kashmiris want immediate resolution of the dispute irrespective of creed, colour and sect so India Pakistan and China should respect the aspirations of the kashmiri masses.

Meanwhile, Nayeem Ahmad Khan condoled deputy chief of Jamaat-e-Islami, Nazir Ahmad Rana on the sad demise of his mother. He also condoled senior Journalist Fayaz Bukhari on the demise of his mother. Nayeem Khan prayed for the deceased souls and patience of the bereaved families.

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