Nawaz victory welcome: Separatists

Nawaz victory welcome: Separatists

SRINAGAR: Senior separatists leaders, Syed Ali Shah Geelani, Mirwaiz Umar Farooq, Mohammad Yasin Malik and Shabir Ahmad Shah have welcomed the victory of Nawaz Sharief’s party in Pakistan general elections.

Geelani termed victory of Sharief in elections as a welcome step and said that despite violence people of Pakistan came out in large numbers to vote.

“I have deep regrets that 24 people lost their lives in election violence. I also regret reports of rigging in Karachi elections which has been acknowledged by Election Commission of Pakistan. There should be re-poll in Karachi,” he demanded.

“The priority of Mian sahib should be to make Pakistan strong. He should ensure full protection to minorities in Pakistan. Government should also talk to people who are resorting to violence in Pakistan. I hope new prime minister takes everybody onboard and makes Kashmir issue as priority. Pakistan is the main party of the dispute,” Geelani told KNS.

“Pakistan is the only nuclear power among the 57 Muslim countries in the world. It has responsibility to provide moral and diplomatic support to victims in Afghanistan, Palestine, Iraq, Syria and other places,” he added.

Hurriyat Conference (M) chairman Mirwaiz Umar Farooq while welcoming Sharief’s victory in Pakistan elections and wished that Pakistan emerges stronger under his rule.

“Pakistan should emerge stronger politically and economically and Mian sahib is an experienced politician to do so. In his earlier tenure as PM, Kashmir was on top agenda. We met him in December last year during our visit and he assured us that if he is voted to power resolution of Kashmir issue will be on his top priority,” Mirwaiz said.

He hoped that the dialogue process between India and Pakistan which has been derailed will be back on track after the victor of Sharief in the elections. “But for the success of any dialogue process between India and Pakistan inclusion of Kashmiris is a must. He (Sharief) should take all the political parties in Pakistan on board and develop a consensus on resolution Kashmir issue,” Hurriyat (M) chairman said.

Meanwhile, senior Hurriyat (M) leader Shabir Ahmad Shah also welcomed victory of Sharief in elections and congratulated the people of Pakistan for voting despite hardships.

JKLF chairman Mohammad Yasin Malik has congratulated Sharief and his party for emerging victorious in elections.

In his congratulatory message, Malik said that Pakistani people by reposing trust in Muslim League and Sharief have clearly indicated that they want to make Pakistan a strong democratic country. He expressed confidence that Sharief and his party will work for peace, prosperity and unity in Pakistan and throughout Muslim Ummah.

Yasin hoped that Shahrief and his government will not put the issue of Jammu Kashmir on back burner and will work for its resolution on priority basis.

He said that Kashmiris are hopeful that Sharief will try to make negotiations with India institutionalized, will ensure the active involvement of people of Jammu Kashmir as principle party in the process of negotiations and also will try to evolve a consensus on Kashmir between various political and religious parties of Pakistan.

“Sharief belongs to a Kashmiri family and because of this relation, people of Jammu Kashmir have high expectations in him that he, keeping the sacrifices, struggle, wishes and aspirations of people of Jammu Kashmir in view will work for the resolution of this vexed issue,” JKLF chairman said.

Yasin said that Kashmirs have sacrificed their three generations in the way of resolution of Kashmir issue. “The governments of Pakistan and India should now show some magnanimity and without sifting this issue to the new generations must act to resolve it on priority basis,” he said. Malik hoped that Sharief and his government will act positively in this way.

-Kashmir Times-

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