Why do most Muslims refuse to criticize corruption in Saudi Arabia, Islamic world?

Dr. Abdul Ruff Colachal



A direct and simple answer is that basically most Muslims are themselves also corrupt in action and thinking and they always think about the possible ways and means to make money by all short routes. Unfortunately, these Muslims include those who worship in mosques and apparently they do so only increase their illegal wealth.

Unfortunately, there is no Muslim country which is not corrupt and which does not promote corruption. Thus, Muslims have adopted corruption as their way of life in place Islamic honest life without corruption. Rulers are responsible and accountable for making the society entirely corrupt. Corruption at top and middle levels  cause serious damages to the national  economic health as corruption is allowed  to be flourishing.

True, corruption has been a global phenomenon and it works as the central part of capitalism globally. Corruption is rampant even in Islamic world and today there in no country that has promoted sincerely honesty through anti-corruption laws that work well.

By its very nature and philosophy, Islam is anti-capitalism and does not promote the principle of ‘wealth by any means’ encouraged in the West and East. In essence Islam opposes capitalism that thrives on black money, corruption based on bribery, etc.

The Islamic legal tradition, however, is very strict: in fact, a hadith of the Prophet simply condemns bribery – both those who grant and those who receive bribes, along with the intermediary – all placed by the Prophet on an equal footing. The granting of illegal assets to favour and facilitate a subsequent transaction, however, is an offense to divine law, not just to corporate law, in the meaning that we Westerners attribute to the concept of “civil law”.

The Quran reads as follows: “Devour not your wealth among yourselves vainly, nor present it to the judges that you may devour a part of the wealth of other men sinfully and knowingly” (Al-Baqarah, Surah “The Cow,” verse 188). Furthermore, Islamic prophet Muhammad (SAS)’s doctrine on corruption contains many other Qur’anic and Sunnah verses as well.

Muslims, particularly the Muslim rulers and leaders have no knowledge about the real cause of birth of Islam and therefore no idea about what Islam stands for. Most Muslims look for opportunities to make money illegally and immorally and increase their wealth

Arab leaders not only have no idea about the personality of the Prophet Muhammad (SAS) but, worse, they ignore the Prophet’s message deliberately to mint money and make wealth. They even justify their corrupt practices as the “normal thing everywhere” and people cannot live like Prophet wants them.  They have faith in the money and wealth and the support of the politicians and even the corrupt governments.

The case is unfortunately the same in Saudi Arabia where the rich and royal families loot the nation’s wealth and take bribes from abroad for services etc

The attitude of government opting for misgovernance, rulers and leaders in Muslim countries make the people also corrupt as they refuse actions without getting the necessary bribes first. .

Indeed these Muslims are not Islamic by nature and mindset; they are anti-Islamic people simply living to make wealth by any means.

Ironically, the Muslim rulers think God has given them power and wealth and the ability to manipulate things in their favor and promote corruption to increase their illegally made wealth. That is wrong as in  making illegality into legal ones they in fact try to appropriate the divide powers as well.

This explains why media world of Muslims refuse to actively support the action of Mohammad bin Salman because it would make him “strong”. That is foolishness on the part of these “modern Muslims”. King is always strong in Saudi Arabia even without doing anything because he is among the richest. .

In fact, these pseudo Muslims are scared that if Saudi Arabia succeeds in stamping out corruption, then, its trickling effect on other Arab nations and subsequently and gradually entire Islamic world would unstoppable.

Corrupt Muslims oppose the reform in Saudi Arabia mainly because they would also have to change their attitude and work hard for a respectable life.

The ongoing anti-corruption arrests and sackings have thrown open wide the vestiges of anti-Islamic tendencies crept into Saudi system and life. Crown Prince and king in waiting Mohammad bin Salman’s anti-corruption drive ahs thrown open the corrupt skeletons from the royal cupboards.  World is shocked to know that Saudi Arabia is a badly controlled corrupt nation which is the cause of all corruption operations throughout Islamic world, harming the genuine interests of Islam and ordinary Muslims, globally.

Crown Prince’s current anti-graft sweep is focused on the food, real estate and telecommunication sectors. The aim is to hit and decapitate the primary sectors of economic and media consensus to rebuild a new network of relations in the Middle East and respond to the Shiite operations even with a military clash.

All those arrested and removed from government assignments are dirty Arabs who made illegal wealth by acts of commission and omissions. In fact,  it looks, the royal and rich sections of Arabian nation have jointly taken over the wealth of the nation to be used as their own private assets and belongings.

These ultra corrupt big guys now control economy, fiancés, banks, foreign trade, and literally everything that matters and make illegal wealth for themselves and families. Thus far the King supported and even promoted and but no more.

With a view to understanding the political logic of the Saudi anti-corruption Commission, we must at first see who and how has been hit by the Saudi penalties imposed by the Nazaha in Riyadh, upon Saudi royal orders.

Over 500 Saudi citizens have been hit – for various reasons – by the anti-corruption sweep of Prince Muhammad bin Salman’s Commission. Moreover 1,286 private and corporate current accounts have been frozen so far.

It should also be noted that many Saudi people targeted by this anti-corruption probe – which is more rational to define as a bloodless coup – are part of the three branches forming the Riyadh Intelligence Services.

Firstly, as is well-known, there is the General Intelligence Presidency (GIP), the Mukhabarat al-A’amah, whose old leader Khalid Bin Alì al-Humaidan has been put aside.

The other intelligence services, namely the internal security police and, above all, the Mabahit, responsible for counter-espionage and internal and political security, have also been decapitated by the current graft crackdown of the Heir to the Throne.

In particular, Prince Muhammad bin Salman wants to capitalize on the current honeymoon with Trump Presidency, as well as avoid the coup that was probably looming large for Salman and his son Mohammed. He also wants to acquire absolute hegemony over the Sunni world against the Iranian Shiite operations which will be tolerated at best in Central Asia, but never in the Persian Gulf.

Saudi Arabia has at long last found a true Islamic Muslim in the name of Muhammad bin Salman to lead the nation and Islamic world at large and Muslims would support his Islamic drive. If the Saudi King had abdicated in favour of his son Mohammed – as he had long been planning to do – he would soon have put aside Prince Muhammad bin Nayef, the Interior Minister and direct heir to the Saudi Kingdom in the traditional line of  succession.  In fact, on June 21, 2017 Bin Nayef was replaced by Muhammad bin Salman. It is worth noting that currently all coups start for the media ownership or control. The crown Prince has achieved that as well.

Even while he undertakes the reform in his own way, Muhammad bin Salman must not lose sight of the conspiracies of foes of Islam like Israel, Germany and USA in using the current state of affairs as part of his efforts for a better Saudi Arabia in truly Islamic spirits to reflect the philosophy of the Prophet it for its own purposes. They can try to generate discard among the people especially between Sunni and Shiites in the kingdom and Arab world or scheme to destabilize the nation where Islam was born. Obviously, that is the key objective of foes of Islam that ignited the so-called Arab Spring.

The anti-corruption operations launched by Saudi crown Prince (King) should streamline Islamic governance globally and make corrupt a serious crime for punishment without fail. Only then Muslims would try to follow Islamic laws as their prime duty.

Other religions could emulate the truly Islamic code in all respects for better life of the people, better performance of governments. . .  .

Bribery and corruption in Islamic countries is sin, a crime!

Dr Abdul Ruff

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