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History is full of examples as how teachers have shaped and reformed the societies, how they have brought revolutionary alterations in building up the nations and how the teachers have served to the civilisations to develop in them the civic sense.

Teachers not only teach in classrooms but they are believed to be the best preachers, interlocutors and social activists outside the school. No doubt, world has developed and people have developed tastes and attitudes but teachers still occupy the same place which they had in the past. Teachers who educate children well are more honored and respected than those who produce them; for parents only give them life but teachers give them the art of living well. Noble profession so is it called and right are they who call them NATION BUILDERS.

Time has changed ,world has seen uninterrupted progress and revolutionary transformation and how can a teacher escape. One fails to understand where the world is progressing because the pace at which we are moving ahead is dreadful and dangerous. It is limit now, a teacher blamed of sexual harassment ! Who is going to believe this? Perhaps we are at the verge of destruction where the moral , social and religious values have been crushed by the disguised occidental characters. Whom could you trust when a student accuses her teacher of sexual harassment , how shameful statement it looks to read and hear, how a teacher can think about these unfavourable, wicked and inappropriate acts. What else is left now, it is absolutely the murder of teaching profession.

From last few years boundless complaints of molestation and sexual harassment cases have been registered, FIR’s have been lodged and investigations are on but outcome is zero. As per the data compiled by J&K Police’s Crime Branch and published in some local newspapers, J&K state witnessed 378 rape cases during the year 2013 which is alarming as compared to 277 cases in 2011 & 303 cases in 2012. The number of molestation cases has also increased from 1194 in 2011 to 1322 in 2012 to 1389 in 2013. The rate is increasing day by day and now an unhealthy atmosphere of child abuse has also been reported from last few years which is the matter of major concern.

In the current year a half dozen complaints of sexual harassment and molestation cases against teachers/tutors have been reported. In a muslim majority state like Jammu and Kashmir , such complaints are implausible because the chastity of a woman/girl is the most valuable asset in the eyes of Islam and Islam has the most strict laws for those who play with the chastity of woman.

With the improbable complaints against teachers ,people have lost hope in the most trusted community of the world. Teachers who were the best example of trust and faith, now beg for those valuable things which they used to possess in the past.

What are the reasons behind these indecent remarks and complaints about teachers and to what extent these complaints are true and weighty is the question that needs to be pondered over. But before that, we must enquire about the root causes of such evils.

To uproot anything completely, one needs to find out its main causes and then to attack strongly on it so that the cause may finish with the result of ending the main thing. The reason thereof is self evident. If a tree is cut from the surface of the earth and the roots spreading all around are left, they will, again get some sort of nourishments and then will turn into a big and strong tree. It is a fact beyond doubt that free intimation of male and female often leads to illicit relationship. Islam, therefore, forbids it to save the chastity of the nice gender created by the Almighty. Experiences and observations suggest that no sexual sin occurs until both the genders meet each other freely.

Here we are not discussing about an ordinary male/man, here the question mark is hanging on the honour and respect of a teacher. No doubt, an ordinary male cannot meet a female freely as per the guidelines of Islam but what about the teachers? Could they teach their mature female students in isolation? As per my consideration, a teacher should never teach a female student in isolation and if he does, the improbable complaints are sure to come. Whom should you blame in Shopian harassment case when a 48 year old teacher allegedly tried to molest the chastity of a 12th standard female student. Perhaps all the three sides are equally responsible -parents, student and also the accused teacher. Parents allow their daughters for school/college trip without having sense about the intermingling of male and female classmates during night stay. What could you expect when social and moral waywardness is at it peak ,the incidents of molestation and eve teasing are bound to happen. Dont blame teachers, ‘to err is human and to forget is divine’. I accept, the teachers who have been accused of molestation by their students may have some devil conspiracy but we should not defame whole teacher community. Rather we should try to adopt Islamic culture.

There is only one way to curb all such evils and that is to follow the teachings of Islam. But unfortunately, the advocates of gender equality declare these strategies hurdle in the ways of women’s equality and development which has resulted into very drastic consequence. The daughters of Eve are mourning after losing their assets and the politicians and media are using these incidents for their personal gain. The West has declared the adultery punishment prescribed by Islam as cruel and unacceptable but when the society is filled with strife and the chastity of women remains always at stake, the whole band of humanity cries for death punishment in one voice. This strengthens the idea that Islam and Islamic teachings and principles are the best measures to eradicate these indecent evils. No matter how far one goes from the Islam, one has to return to it one day or the other. Hence, t can be said with fuller surety that this world does not have any solid strategy to save women’s chastity and prevent sexual crimes other than adopting the Islamic principles.

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