Modi is proxy of RSS: HCJK


SRINAGAR:  Hurriyat Conference Jammu Kashmir (HCJK) Convener and Muslim Conference Chairman Shabir Ahmad Dar, President, Mahaz-e- Azadi ,  Muhammad Iqbal Mir, International Forum For Justice Chairman Muhammad Ahsaan Untoo ,

Young Men’s League Chairman Imtiyaz Ahmad Reshi  and Tehreeq-i- Istiqamat Chairman Gh. Nabi War in a joint Statement   strongly deplored the recent statement  of  R.S.S, Chief, Mohan Bhagwat on Kashmir and about Indian minorities, which is kindled with hatred.


HCJK stated that Prime Minister of India, Narrendra Modi  in reality  is the proxy of R.S.S and such like  fascist and extremist elements, whose hands are painted red with the  blood of innocent people , especially minorities.


Present  Indian government in dispensation   is in collusion with Hindu fanatics and it has utterly failed at Social, Political and Defence Fronts, now,  government is using the tactics of fear- psychosis to infuse communal vigour and  importantly rejuvenate revilement among the  Hindu extremist forces as a part of ‘vote bank politics’  to hide its own failure at governance level.


HCJK reiterated that world community is very much critical on the role of Narrendra Modi government so far as naïve people especially minorities and rationalists of India are concerned, who have been maimed, murdered, lynched and at some places properties of minorities have been vandalized and voices of liberals and realistic people muzzled down.


HCJK maintains that Kashmir is an international dispute seeking lasting solution, essentially, early resolution of Kashmir  can help New Delhi to get mainstreamed to  her neighbours towards which it has the contiguity, who can’t be changed  but India has to learn to live with them- honourably with dignity- to  which  Kashmir settlement is the only key.  (PTK)

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