“Fashion, technology and fun are the things which define modern age youth.” Spending most of the time on social networking sites, talking for long hours over phone, wear latest fashions are the few things which modern day teens do in their daily life.

A kid is said to be a teenager when he/she reaches to the age of 12 or 13. This period though lasts for just 6 or 7 years but is considered as the most crucial period of one’s life. During this time a kid grows both physically and mentally. A complete change occurs in him/her.

In past times, teenagers usually had just few things in their minds. They mostly spent their time either in studying or playing different games. But perhaps modern day teens do neither of these. They are completely different, a huge change has occurred in them. First of all modern day teens get a mobile phone in a very small age and how they use it, everybody knows. According to a survey, a teen uses mobile phone for at least 6 hours in a day. Apart from mobile phones, teens these days are fashion prone. They are very forward in adopting new things.

In education era where we think our teens are doing a tremendous job is all about memorizing questions and later on pasting them on examination answer sheets. Modern age teens may be well educated, skillful, technology knowing etc but at the same time they are modesty less. The main aim of education is moral development but perhaps that is missing in modern day youth.

Now, whom should we blame: Parents, technology or change in lifestyle?                      

I think all these are responsible but hugely parents. They give their children a freedom beyond the limits that leads to the destruction of their lives. We all may be neglecting mistakes made by modern age teens due to their age factor but if not stopped now, we may see educated bigots in future.

I’m a teenager

Yes, yes I’m.

I’m educated

Yet modesty less,

I’m too forward

yet too behind,

I understand quickly

yet remember nothing,

I learn a lot

yet I know nothing,

I’m a teenager

Yes, yes I’m.

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