MMU Urges Unity of Muslims in Kashmir & eradicate the social evils from society

MMU Urges Unity of Muslims in Kashmir & eradicate the social evils from society

Jasim Rasool Basu

Srinagar September 06: An extraordinary meeting of Mutahida Malis-e-Ulema was conducted by the party Ameer, Mirwaiz Umar Farooq at Mirwaiz Manzil, Srinagar.

The meeting was attended by prominent ulemas and religious parties of Kashmiris to discuss the challenges faces by the Islam on local and global levels. The participants include Nazim (head) of dar-ul-uloom Rahimya, Mufti nazir, Advocate Zahid Ali of Jamaat-e-islami, Abdul rehman Bhat, general secretary Jamiat Ahl-e-hadith, head of Iteehad-ul-Muslimeen Mohammad Abbas Ansari, President Anjuman-e-Shari Shian Agha Syed Hassan Al Moosvi Al Safvi, Anjuman-e-tablig-ul-Islam general secreatry, Moulana Ghulam Mohammad Suharwardy, Jamiat Hamdania, general Secreatry Mir Bashir Ahmad Kanth, President Jamiatt Himayat-e-Islam Moulana Khurshid Ahmad Quanungo, Nazim Dar-ul-Uloom Bilaliya Mufti Abdul Rashid, representative of Mufti Azam Professor Mohammad Yasin kirmani, Khateeb jamia masjid beerwah Moulan Sayed lateif Bukhari, pairvane Villayat Moulana Syed Shabir quomi, and many other chief clerics, imams and Khateebs of Masjids, religious organizations and Dar-ul-ulooms.

“Islam was facing great challenges on local on global levels. He said it has been the prime agenda of Anti-Muslim forces to divide the Muslim Ummah whenever they find a chance to do it. He said such forces are active since primordial times to present days”, Mirwaiz Umar Farooq said in his inaugural speech according to statement sent to Valley Media Service.

Expressing concern, Mirwaiz, who is also APHC Chairman, said that such a situation was rapidly arising in Kashmir as well and that was the reason behind conducting this meeting of religious organizations ulemmas on this grand level.

He said the issues like growing drug addiction menace in Kashmir was a cause of grave concern. He said the menace was ruining the Kashmiri youth and it was the responsibility of society and Ulemmas to take immediate steps to stop the drug menace from spreading among the future Kashmiri generations. He said there was a dire need of formulating a joint strategy to address the issue so as to root it out from the society.

Every participant in the meeting stressed that if any religious organistaions or party has any reservation on any particular issues, it would be prudent to sort it out mutually after bringing it in the notice of the Mutehida Majlis-e-Ulema rather than issuing controversial statements to media and public, statement said.

The participants sternly criticized covert efforts of anti-Islam forces to divide the social fabric of Kashmir on sectarian lines. The noted Ulemmas represresenting different sects and organistaion resolved that they would maintain unity at all costs and would spread the teachings of Koran and sunnah.

The participants expressed concern over the rising social ills in the Kashmiri society. The ulemmas said there was a need to plug the growing immorality, drinking, drug-addiction in Kashmir.

In a bid to strengthen the unity of Muslims in Kashmir and eradicate the social evils from society the Ulemmas decided to participate in another gathering which will be held on September 22, 2012.

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