Srinagar: London Institute of South Asia (LISA) had invited the HURIYAT (M)Chairman Mirwaiz Umar Farooq to participate in a seminar titled “Indo-Pak relations” held at the House of Lords (the upper house of British Parliament).

According to a statement issued to KNS, since, government has denied Mirwaiz his travel documents including passports from past one year, Hurriyat (M) Chairman could not participate and addressed the seminar at House of Lords through video conferencing during which he spoke on the subject “Lingering Kashmir dispute- threat to world peace”.

Mirwaiz said in the present world, like other issues, Kashmir dispute has also become volcanic and if by any carelessness it explodes, it would break the uncomfortable peace in South Asia into smithereens and would gulp down millions of humans apart from unleashing interminable sufferings for the people inhabiting the sub-continent. He said that it was significant to understand Kashmir issue through historical perspective, adding, it was due the historical baggage that Kashmiris are suffering and are under constant repression which hardly any other nation have gone through.

At the time of partition in the sub continent in 1947, HURIYAT (M)Chairman said Kashmir was not the part of the united India, adding, Kashmiris have always remained victim to the foreign rules of those like Mughals, Dogras, and British. Hence, he said that political future of the Kashmir remain undecided in 1947, adding, the UN, where India took the case of Kashmir, passed several resolutions over the issue and asked both India and Pakistan to hold plebiscite in Kashmir so that people can decide their political future. He, however, said the UN resolution remain still unimplemented despite passing of six decades. Mirwaiz said the world community remained callous to the suffering of Kashmiris and has done nothing concrete so far to alleviate the hardships and torment faced by the Kashmiris due to the political conflict.

Mirwaiz while addressing the seminar said more than a lakh people have been killed in Kashmir since 1989 for waging the struggle for right to self determination, thousands have been subjected to enforced disappearance and army of orphans and widows have been created by the Indian state. As it was not enough, HURIYAT (M)Chairman said the Indian troops attacked the chastity of women folk and also damaged properties thereby violating the basic tenets of humanity.

Due to Kashmir dispute, Mirwaiz said both India and Pakistan have fought wars and have armed themselves with nuclear weapons. He said Kashmir has thus become a nuclear flash point in south Asia where a small incident could trigger a nuclear war thus jeopardizing the security and stability of entire south Asia.

He further stressed that small friction between the two nations stirs bloody reprisal attack of which the Kashmiris living across the divided line are the worst victims. He said that world powers like America, China, Britian and other international bodies like UN, NAM, European Union, SAARC, have always stressed upon the two countries to solve Kashmir issue, adding, they have even offered mediation to solve it for once and all. He, however, said it was highly unfortunate that contrary to the ground realities, India always remained intransigence and never accepted the mediation to resolve the dispute.

Mirwaiz said instead India terms the dispute as its internal issue and contradicts the historical realities, adding, on the other hand, the country has deployed lakhs of its troops and equipped them black laws to suppress the Kashmir’s struggle for freedom. Despite HURIYAT (M)held many rounds of negotiations with India and suggested them to create steps to make atmosphere conducive for the talks, Mirwaiz said Indian state remained unmoved.

Hurriyat (M) chairman told the participants that in present circumstances when talks are being given preference over violence to solve the issues around the world, the solution to the dispute should not be delayed since two nuclear powers are connected to the dispute and thus its results can prove to be lethal for the world peace. He said the international community should play its role to solve the issue to bring peace in the world.

Mirwaiz said it was also true that in changing global scenario, the world community is working hard to solve the issues on the planet earth to bring economic prosperity and alleviate poverty. He said millions of people in sub continent are living under extreme poverty since both the countries are spending bulk of their budget on defense. Hence the international community, he said should play its role and solve the Kashmir issue in its geographical, political and historical context to bring lasting peace in the world. He said the solution of Kashmir issue would also purge the extremist forces existing in the societies who are hell bent to torment the world peace.

Thus, Mirwaiz said like Afghanistan, Syria and Palestine where international community is playing active role in finding the solution, they do similar exercises to solve Kashmir issue and extricate the lives of millions of people in the sub continent from fear and threat. (KNS)

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